Aug 22, 2008

Runnergirl - strong like ox...

I am down 40 pounds since Christmas. 40 pounds people. That is a small child! And apparently - today it all sort of hit people. I got more comments on my weight loss than I have over the past 8 months combined. Plus, I wore a dress that I have been able to wear since I was a size 16 (I am a 10 now), and people all thought that it was new. Apparently it just looked better now. Funny how that happens.

Well, I am not stopping here. I have another 30 to lose and I would like to get this done by New Year's day so I can FINALLY stop making that damn resolution to lose the weight once and for all. This year is the last year of that.

I decided that since I am officially in Triathlon off season (or what I like to call my base-building season), I am going to incorporate seriousl all over body strength training as a foundation of my running and triathlon training programs. Plus muscle burns more than fat, and I want to be solid not thin. Being both solid and thinner is a plus! Next year will be a bikini season I tell you that now!

I went the free-weight route before and really enjoyed it, but you are limited to equipment availability and if you are like me, a traveller, you soon realize that you need something more robust.

Simple. Easy. Protable. Yet still yields results.

Well friends - I found it.

If you have heard of crossfit, you know that it is a crazy daily workout (yes some of those days are rest days), that is short, intense, and effective. Their motto is "Forging elite fitness", so yeah, they take it seriously. The drawbacks are that you need access to weights and other gym equipment. Great in theory, but if you are said traveller not for you. However, anyone of any physical ability can do Crossfit. So that is great - bringing fitness to the masses. I like that a lot.

So welcome to simplefit. Same idea and strategy, yet it is a bodyweight program, not a freeweight program.

The difference is simple. Have a body? Great then you can do simplefit! ;)

I did day 1 today, and let me tell you I am SORE.

20 minutes.

In those 20 minutes I had to so as many set of the following as possible:

1 pull up, 2 push ups, 3 squats.

I did 20 total and called it quits at 13 minutes. My legs were on fire!

The premise of simplefit is that you do the program three times a week. This is perfect for me and my schedule, and with some minor substitution and I can do it anywhere in the world, such as Mexico. ;)

There are 8 levels and you work your way through them as you progress and gain strength.

Once you make it through all 8 levels at the beginner plan, there are two more plans you can rotate through as well so this really grows with you.

It is a total body workout in a short period of time yielding results. You cannot argue with that!

In addition to adding the total body strenght workouts, I have decided to take on the 6 weeks to 100 push-up challenge. This is simple - you do a test, then based on howmany push ups you can complete with good form you pick a level to start the challenge. Over 6 weeks you work your way up to 100 pushups. You will have to go to the site to see the workout, but today I did 7/7/5/4/max which was 7 push ups (modified) with 1 minute rest afterwards, followed by another 7 pushups, rest, 5 pushups, rest, 4 pushups, rest then as many pushups that I possibly can do with good form. I hit 20.

I did the 7's and the max modified, and the 5 and 4 regular "for realzy real man" style. My goal is to get to 100 pushups period, then 100 pushups man style. OK ok, unmodified. ;)

So this girl is dropping pounds and getting her butt in shape. My body is sore but strong and really wanting me to continue like this. I think that if I follow my running plan, I will definitely hit my goal of a 2:30 or less half marathon this year!

})i({Runnergirl - stong like ox

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Aaron Cunningham said...

Congratulations on being 40 pounds down! That's what I've lost and have abouot another 10 to go. My wife is down 35 with another 45 to go or so. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for the info about simplefit. The crossfit people scare me a little. I'm not willing to work at that level of intensity yet (probably ever) and I'd prefer body weight exercise anyway.

Are you able to do the pull ups or are you using the substitiutions? If so, which ones?