Jan 30, 2008

The Month in Review - January 2008

I have decided that since I made some big goals for 2008, that I would set monthly mini-goals to help me stay on track and to keep me motivated. Every month I will review what I wanted to accomplish, what I did accomplish and what I will set forward to do within the next month.

So here is the goal review as far as January went.


GOAL: Lose 10 lbs.

RESULT: Met!  I am down 13 lbs as of 1/30.



GOAL: Swim 100 yards straight through.

RESULT: Met and then some.  I can actually swim 100 METERs straight through!



GOAL: Run 3 miles straight without breaking over my suggested HR band.

RESULT: Accomplished!  It took all month to lower the level that I run at, but I know that this is the right thing.  I am slower than last year for right now, but in 3-6 months I will be one speedy devil!  Well, speedy for me. :o)



I accomplished all of my mini-goals which is HUGE motivation for me!  :o)  SO what is next?  Let's take a look!



Loose 10lb additional (total of 20lb down)


Swim 200 yards nonstop - stretch goal is 400 yards nonstop.

Time 15 minutes straight swimming and compare to tri results from 2007. 

Be ready for the 3/8 triathlon!


Run a good stubble time 5K race to set benchmark for end of year (2/3),

Run a good solid 5 miles comfortably and not over HR.

Do a 30 minute TT.


Consider buying the green and flowered Roo from Cheryl.  If it fits - the Roo will be mine! 

Set up my bike fitting at Bikesport or Two Wheel Tango and order the darn thing if Roo is not a match for my long legs and short torso. 

Get brakes fixed on Trek MTB and start to get ready for some serious MTB action in the spring. XTERRA anyone? It is going to be a killer!


OK so they are written.  I am excited and getting there, one month at a time! 



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