Aug 19, 2008

TRIfecta for 30... completed!

And here is the RR for #3.

OK - so on 8/17 I ended my TRIfecta for 30. The race was my tri club's very own race - the Island Lake of Novi tri. It is in the middle of a beautiful subdivision (Island Lake of Novi, natch), and the course is quite interesting.

A big ole swim - not much to say, a bike with two loops of the main drag, and one loop of a minor bit to make up 11.4 miles, and a 3 mile run through sidwalks, streets, and trails. Very cool.

Island Lake of Novi - Sprint
Total time - 1:33:41
Result: 1st out of 5 in Athena ;-) Oh yes - I won overall Athena baby!
SWIM : 21:22 (2:40/100m)
T1 2:29 (this is without a wetsuit - the transition was THAT far away from the dismount line!)
BIKE : 34:23 (19.5mph)
T2: 1:29
RUN: 33:23 (11:08 pace)

Pre-race routine:
I made myself a breakfast burrito and drove the 5 minutes to the race site. I love racing locally! :) This being my last tri of the season, and 3rd this week, it really was sort of a crap shoot. I mean honestly I had a goal of sub 1:30 due to this being a short and flat course (FLAT), but I was pretty burnt out in the physical department. My legs had no juice in them!

Event warmup:
Arrived at Catholic Central High school and found Lana right away. I grabbed my transition bag and my bike pump and we boarded the bus. Oh yes. I was doing the tri, Lana the 1.6 mile open water swim, so due to this bieng a closed course with no way to get cars on the roads park, we all had to be shuttled in from the high school. Which meant that I had to drop off my bike the day beforehand. Interesting.

I set up my transition area while Lana picked up her registration materials (swim cap, etc.). Mike Mistak was in transition and was about to start his first triathlon!
After hanging out with fellow FASTers and Mike Mistak (henceforth to be called Mistak if only to not confuse him with my Mike), we had the pre-race meeting and then the waves started. I was in wave 4.


I tore up the first 350m! There were 5 people in my division (Athena) acording to our brightly yellow colored caps. My only goal was to beat this one girl on the bike. I know her for some reason. She beat me in my first race at the start of the season. I was going to beat her this race... I just had to for soem reason.

So the gun went off and I swam. I passed EVERY SINGLE ATHENA... but her. Oh well!
I was tired by the time I hit 600 meters, and my swim time reflects this... it was 2 minutes slower than Wednesday. I was 2 Athena out of the water.

What would I do differently?: Maybe not do 3 triathlons in a week if I really wanted to be fast! ;)


I was shocked when I saw 2:29 for my T1 time - but then again, everyone else had similar if not longer times. The bike mount line was pretty far aways from the transition area.

What would I do differently?: Not a thing. It all went as planned yet again.


Seriously, who is this woman yet again? I passed every single person in front of me up until the end. I was passed by exactly 4 people. All men. All on Zipp 404's. I hate the sound of those discs on the road... if only because they are faster than I! ;) All in all my legs had NO go juice in them. I averaged just shy of 20mph... but it was a flat course, I should have done 21 or so.
It is interesting that I felr fine, but my legs would not turn over. I should say that it was frustrating.. because I really wanted that sub 1:30. I knew when I hit T2 that it was not going to happen.

What would I do differently?: Not expect a large mph after racing 2 other tris in 6 days before this race. Thank goodness my A race was Trex! ;)

T2 - This transition was OK but slow. 1:29


Mistak saved my race. I was so dead tired by the start of the run I just wanted to sit down. I was not hurting, it was pure muscle exhaustion. So not I know that I can race 3 triathlons in 7 days. I also know that my legs are the first thing to succumb to the racing.

My run started off really slow - I think mile 1 was in at around 12:20 or so. Right before Mile 1, Mistak caught up to me and ran with me. Since this was his first tri he was still recovering from the swim. He runs faster than I do, so i decided to keep up with him. Thank goodness - he pulled me into the high 10's to finish in 33:23. Initially I thought that I had ran 11:46's... until I found out that the run was only 3 miles, not a full 5K.

The run was fun and with Mistak there, I was distracted and able to just run easy. Amazing thing - my easy running is sub 11 minute miles. Who is this girl?

Post race

Warm down: Walked around and ate with Lana and Melissa, then sat down to awards. I won a FAST beach towel in the raffle, and I got recognized for being the FAST NCC chair for '07 '08. Then I won 1st place Athena! I tell you what - THAT is how you end your first season.
What limited my ability to perform faster?: TRIfecta. But you know what? I am only getting stronger for it!

Event comments: LOVED this race!


L*I*S*A said...

Great job, and congrats on the 1st place Athena award. You seriously rock, sister.

Adam said...

Just happened on your blog looking for inspiration. Good job.