Sep 20, 2007

Wrapping up, Part 3. An abrupt conclusion to the season that was just not meant to be.

I was going to sub-title this post as my favorite quote from Animal House... but TNT Coach Ken beat me to it.

"Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? No!"

However... it is with a heavy heart that I must make an announcement.

*clears throat*

On September 20th, 2007 at 7:05.43 PM EST, my 2007 Race Season was pronounced dead.

*moment of silence*

I know it is sudden, and I was not expecting it. It was an accident, however there will be an investigation find out the underlying cause.

I went out for my typical Thursday 4-miler with my running club when it happened. I was thisclose to the 1 mile mark when I started to get that feeling. You know the one. The one that crippled me Sunday, that shut me down last Thursday, the very same feeling that attacked me mid-swim last night.

No, not my she-devil alter ego Speedracer... but rather the 'I' word. *sigh*


I am injured. And I hate saying it let alone being it. Injury. So not in the plan.

The pain is just not going away. I have been icing, stretching, Advil-ing, and toe-tapping every waking moment that my feet are free to do so. It is not getting better.

Something is amiss here and I need the time to correct it. To hunt it out. To destroy it and make everything better. With 3 long runs left and quite honestly some very crappy base-mileage behind me with me not breaking 5 miles since the CDC, I am calling it. So long '07 - I will see you in hell. *call me!*

DIY Shin Splint Surgery - I hope that it will not come to this

As of tonight, I am officially in off season.


This. Is. So. Foreign. To. Me.


I am going to spend time in the gym hitting the spinning class, doing some core-strengthening activities, strength-training, and really focusing on swimming efficiency. The running part will resume after my shin-splinties are gone, but in prep for '08 I will be focusing on 5K distance for now.

Do you know what? I have accomplished a lot of things this year. And I am still triumphant. I ended this season exactly as I wanted it (well except for the whole not-running Detroit thing... but that is besides the point)... I finished it with a smile because I gave it all that I had in the end.


Like I said, I just was not ready for it this year. 2008 is MY year.

})i({ RunnerLimpingGirl


Jess said...

I'm so sorry! That's terrible.

Kim said...

oh no, im so sorry to hear about the shin issues! BUT, if there is any "perfect" time to have an injury, then the off-season is the time. nurse that baby back to health and before you know it, you will be back on your feet! :)

Bolder said...



i applaud your off-season decision. too many would push through the pain to complete obliteration of not only '07, but '08 as well.

get some half-baked.


reboot the program when ready!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Damn Bolder, that’s what I was going to tell her to do, so just suck it up lady! Okay I’m kidding mi amiga! You’ll still be able to maintain your fitness level without going through the pain. Remember, when one door closes…………

Jenniferlyn said...

...a window opens!

I am looking at the up side to all of this. No Detroit = sucky luck, but on the up de I can no really focus on the core strength and make them better.

Thank you everyone for your encouragement.

And Ken... you cheered me on through mile 5 of my first maarathon many years ago... it is amazing to see you still cheering for me now. ;) That means a lot to me. So need any help planning for next TNT cycle? I have some free time. ;)

Bolder - for shizzy my brother from another mother! On my way home from the run last night, I came very close to buying my own pint of half-baked. But then I thought that you had earned it way more than I.

Kim - thank you as well. I do hope to be back ... well hell I know that I will be back better and stronger after this.

Jess - You should have seen me s I left the park. My first thought was (pardon the language) fuck! My second thought was... oh well. I knew that it was not my year to shine. Apparently my body agrees. ;)

Just so everyone knows... I am feeling good about my decision. All of your comments have helped reaffirm that I made the right decision. ;)

Laurel said...

Ughhh..that sucks!! I'm so sorry to hear it. You seem to be in pretty good spirits though.

Get some well deserved rest :)

Unknown said...

Oh no! Shin splints HURT. I hope resting today will help for me. Plus a nice massage...ahhhh!

Nancy said...

So sorry to hear about the death of the season. My DH is going through it too, just when we were having FIRST marathon dreams.

You sound like you are just where you need to be. Congrats on the great attitude. Take care of yourself.

J-Money said...

Sorry to hear about your shins...

I used to get them super badly too and was ready to gnaw my feet off when someone suggested going to see a Rolfer.

You can find more info at (and maybe find one in your area), but it's a type of therapeutic bodywork, "rolf" is fun to say, and holy hot crap, it took care of my shins.

Trust me, I wouldn't have believed it either without trying idea of alternative medicine is watching "House".

Anonymous said...
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