About Me - My Journey

I started this journey in 2006 as a way to keep track of my running and getting back into loger distances.

At the time my goal was to get back to half marathons, as I figured I was done with anything longer than that.  I have learned if nothing else to never say never.

20+ half marathons, 3 marathons, 1 Ironman, 6 Half Ironman and nearly 100 other races of varying distances later I am proof that the journey is never written iin stone.  There will be turns.  There will be stop signs, yields, obstacles and accidents even, but there will never be a dead end.

I split my time between the states of Michigan and southern Florida where my husband works and lives.  I am a Floridian at heart, even though my address is still in the Mitten.  I love the beach, my husband and all things oceanic... even the sharks. 

My favorite race is the Detroit Half Marathon and one year, 2011, I even ran the marathon there.  I do this run every single year, trained or not, and have really grown to love the atmosphere and the course itself.

I am a proud plant strong athlete - no meat or dairy here!

I have been blessed to run all over the place - Arizona, Detroit, Chicago, Florida, even Flint.  I have run in Shanghai, China and in Guadalajara Mexico.  I have run in Vienna, Austria and Baubenhausen, Germany.  I have run with my friends, with my husband and with complete strangers that I pick up along the way.  While I say that I hate running, I love what running has added to my life. 

I have two amazing triathlon experiences that come to mind. I gutted out a rediculously hot and windy day at MiamiMan Half Ironman in november, 2013 and placed 2nd in my division.  And I gutted out against all my fears and became an Ironman in November 2012, also in Florida.

2nd Place Finish - MiamiMan Half Ironman November 10, 2013


I am an IRONMAN!  November, 2012 Ironman Florida

Along the way I set a few PRs at the half Iron distance, which is still my favorite triathlon distance, at the Rev3 Half Rev in Cedear Point and at Welland Half iron, which are two of my favorite halfs. 2014 will be my 3rd go at Welland half ironman, and my first go at the Full Iron distance at Rev3 Cedar Point.
Official Rev3 Half Rev (70.3) finish picture, September 2012

My greatest running accomplishment was probably running the Goofy Challenge in January of 2012. I was really undertrained for it but toughed it out and finished in time to get my three medals.

 Above all, I have learned that armed with the right tools anything is possible and that I am unstoppable!

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