Sep 26, 2007

Who does #2 work for?!?

A few topics to discuss today - 1: The Biggest Loser Fantasy League run by Pat, 2: Swimming like a fish, and 3:Work.

Well my TBGFL Team, Chubikins, rose through the ranks and in a mere 3 weeks I went form dead last to #2. In the words of one Mr. Austin powers "Yeah baby!"

I do not know what it is, but this show has always had me addicted. Mike thinks that the show is lame where as I find the show really motivating. I mean come on! Seeing these people confront their inner demons is not just good TV, it is so real and raw. I love it because no matter how good of shape you are in, I am sure that you can identify with someone on the show.

I *heart* The Biggest Looser, and I look forward to Tuesday nights. Exciting stuff people!


So... did someone say swim like a fish? Oh, wait. That was me. I decided to skip Master's swim tonight and do some drills solo in our lap pool here.

First observation - my lap pool SUCKS. It is 1/2 a lap. So would that be around 12.5 meters long? No matter the distance, just as I get into a drill I have to stop and turn around. That was a little frustrting, but in all reality what can I say? Beggars cannot be choosers. This one does in a pinch and gets me going when I am too tired to drive 45 minutes to my masters practice.

I followed a few basic TI drills to warm up, then got into some stop-stop-switches, and some skating and shark-fin drills.

Here is a (mundane and simple) question to all of you triathletes and swimmers out there: how on earth can I improve my breathing? I found out through my master's coach that I, like most multi-athletes (aka non-swimmers), keep my mouth closed as I blissfully traverse the pool. I am getting exhausted because I inhale a huge breath and then feel as though I cannot get rid of it all and get a suffocation or hyperventilating sensation.

NOT. FUN. (just in case you were curious)

Is there a drill or technique that I can practice to build up this basic and pretty neccesary skill?

I am getting better. I have slowed down and have broken down my stroke to fully sense when I need to roll to breath, but my breath is still way to labored and deep. My coach keeps telling me that she will practice "converstional breathing' with me, but alas there are 1,000 (OK more like 50 or so) swimmers to her single being.

Any comments would be greatly aprreciated! So.. ummm... are SCUBA tanks illegal in tri's? Because... ummm.... you know.... I was just curious.

So all in all I completed a good solid half-hour of swimming like a slightly asthmatic fish. It still felt great! *weeze* *weeze*


On the work side - I am now officially convinced that my boss wants my co-workers to hate me.

And if not hate me completely, then at least to give me a lot of grief! Today alone he sent out two emails to my entire group telling them that they should be doing things like me.

Yeah... not too crazy about that.

There are 5 active people in my group to manage 6 divisions and thousands of components. That is a lot of data people. So... I like to work efficiently. I hate redundancy. No.. no, I loathe redundancy and wasted time. Plan the work and work the plan, baby!

I appreciate the behind-the-scenes kudos and performance reviews because I know that I am valued here, however I have been getting comments from some co-workers pretty much stating that now they have to do more work because of me and my, well, work ethic.

I know that my boss is trying to get everyone on the same page... harmonization and all... but in the end I feel like I am the child walking into a situation on the playground.

Tomorrow when I get into work... I may just end up with a wedgie. *sigh* Stupid wedgies...


Have a great evening y'all!

})i({ RunnerGirl

Work out review:
30 minutes of drills


Stuart said...

Check this out for you work issue, it worked wonders for me

Marcy said...

Dude(tte), I'm so peeved. I dropped like a rock down from 1 to 5. Dang it!! My homies better get their butts in gear LOL

Pat said...

maybe we should trade. I'll give you my weak team for your 2nd place team.

I hear it's best to breath thru your gills. If you don't have any, I hear it's best to enter only running events.

But, thats coming from someone that can't swim.

Unknown said...

I can not swim worth crap, Jenn. You are doing much better than me.

As for the co-workers, don't let them get to you if they get upset. Sounds like the rest of the bunch are not being on the same page and need to shape up.

David H. said...

I love The Biggest Loser, too. It's the only real reality show there is.