Sep 28, 2007

Not out of the woods yet but I see the light!!!!

Allllllllllrighty then.

This morning we went to the gym to get in a work out. Mike walked around the track while I warmed up with a nice mile on the dreadmill before working out back and biceps.

Hey guess what... NO SHIN SPLINTIES!

Doing the happy dance for that one!

I think that I may have deduced the reasoning behind the pains of late... MY INCREASED SPEED.

I started out today's run at an easy 13 minute mile pace. I then moved it up to 2 minute mile pace for the next .25 mile. I was shocked how slow that really is for me now. I decided to kick up the speed to an 11 minute mile pace. Hmmmm.... still really easy for me. I stayed there for quite awhile, then increased the speed gradually until I finished the mile cruising at an 8:41 minute mile pace. (My total time for the mile was 10:51)

I was working it towards the end but I was not dying. I also know that I could not have sustained this pace for more than .25 mile without sacrificing form. However I felt really good with the pace between 10 and 11 minute miles. I mean sustainably good. As in I could go for a few miles at that speed and still have energy to sprint at the end.

With this increase in speed came the potential answer to the shin-splint drama. When I cruised on down to the 8:41 minute mile pace that is when my leg muscles started to tighten. I knew if I pushed on like this for much longer they would be back.

A-ha! It is speed related! At least partially. So now I know... and knowing is half of the battle.

No matter the reason the shin-splints came to me, I am not calling the game quite yet. One mile is just that. One mile. I will ease back up to a 5k over the next few weeks just to make sure that the splints are not in hiding.

An added side-effect of today's little experiement is that I have the possibility of crushing my former running speeds in the 5K. I know now that I can work on really increasing my pace in 08. I want so badly to be a sub-10 minute mile 5Ker... and beyond.

Speaking of 2008 - I am happy to say that I am getting ready to post the first draft of el manifesto de Jenniferlyn.

I know you all are just rattling with excitement. I can hear it as you type. ;)

I wish everyone good weekend, especially AJ who is attacking the Boulder Half Marathon!

})i({ Runnergirl's back. Back again. Yes she's back. Tell a friend.

  • Workout Summary for Saturday:
  • 1 mile treadmill easy- 10:51 total time


Unknown said...

That's awesome, Jenn. Congrads!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Okay Speed Racer don't get too carried away. Listen to our body.

Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you Denise!

And Ken - oooh yeah! MIke yelled at me for pushing past 9 mm pace.

I just was conducting an experiment in the name of science. *bats eyelashes*

Jenniferlyn said...

Last thought on this one - go big or go home! Right? LMAO - or not so much.