Mar 30, 2014

Investing in myself.

Over the past few months I have been traveling back and forth between FL and MI as per my new normal life. 
With the worst winter to hit Metro-Detroit in about 35 years upon us, I have welcomed the break every few weeks as it gives me the chance to recharge my batteries and soak up the sunshine and inhale the sea salt infused air.
With that much travel, I have spent a lot of reflection time on myself and my health goals.  Lots of air time and sunshine-fuelled happy tends to lead to self reflection and realization I guess! 

I am an eternal student of life, always reading up on the different parts of overall health and wellness. I have been feeling a pull to learn more and in a more holistic sense, no longer in parts.  I have been called into a new direction as it pertains to how I look at all that I put my body through be it food, exercise,  stress, self care, or sleep. 

Through the past few years I have picked up bits and pieces of ideas from the academic and clinical worlds on so many health topics that it had left me hungry for  much more.

I am an engineer through and through, and by taking a Functional Nutrition lecture series through the Holistic Nutrition Lab in Portland, OR, I have learned about our body's physiological processes as they were put in focus under a lens of science that makes So. Much. Sense.  Combined with my health coaching training program a solid foundation is being formed. 
Ultimately, I do see a need in our health system to provide a safe place for clients to understand lifestyle choices and the resulting impacts on their health in ways they may not even realize are connected and in ways that doctors just do not have the time to outline and explain to their patients.
Even more directly and immediately, I see a need for myself.   Ever since I have been learning about the physiology of our bodies, my lifestyle changes have taken a deeper and more meaningful root.  To hear "eat this not that", or "do this exercise not that" is one thing; To see clearly how those actions impact my body on cellular level makes it more real for me than just generic health advice. 
I have an underlying eating disorder that has plagued me for much of my life.  For the first time I am feeling my disordered eating habits breaking up and with that clarity, I am inherently being drawn to a more stable and normal food relationship.  The impacts of our lifestyle choices on our bodies are outstanding!   

After much research and careful consideration, I have decided to gain an even better understanding of the human body, the human mind,  and the all too often ignored connection between.  I am returning to school!

I am working on some prerequisites and foundational certifications (CPT, CHHC), and will be working on a Master's→ Ph.D program over the next few years as a passion project of sorts - as an investment in my health and my ability to help others make sense of theirs.

I found out last week that I have been accepted into a Doctorate of Science program and a Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition - this is my Plan B.   My Plan A is the Master of Science program in Nutrition and Functional Medicine with the progression in to a Ph.D in Natural Medicine following.  I should find out by the end of April, early May if I am accepted!
While this will be my 2nd Master's degree (and obviously my first and only Ph.D. *wink*), this will be the first degree that I go into for pure desire of learning and educating - not for a job requirement/advancement purpose.

I am so excited to grow this part of my life, one which has been calling to me over the past few years!

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