Apr 15, 2014

Interview day!

Today I have my interview with the Dean of Functional Medicine at The University of Western States.

I am feeling nervous but very excited!  At this point all that stands between me and acceptance into the MSHNFM program is this interview!  I am feeling pretty confident in my application package.  Well really - that application package is ME.

All the independent studies, degrees, certifications, and continual learning about the human body, nutrition, and functional medicine is culminating into this next step.  My new company, Shine Total Health and Wellness, is the first pixel in a much bigger picture.  And all of this is the continuation of the journey to the best possible me, so that I can help others achieve the best possible them.

2014 is going to be such an amazing year!  My 2nd Ironman, returning to graduate school, launching my own business and wellness brand, growing further with my amazing husband, and of course continuing to grow in my position at Continental Corporation.

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