Jan 14, 2014

A funny thing happened on the way to the weekend...

A funny thing happened on the way to this past weekend.  I realized that I miss running.  Not run training, but good old fashion running for the love of lacing up the shoes and getting out of breath out on a trail somewhere.

Heck, I love running.

I am a RUNNER not a triathlete, I told myself in the beginning. I figured that I would always be a runner who just does triathlons.  Not soon after I started in on my tri adventures, I ditched running and fell in love with swimming and cycling.  AH!  Freedom!  So much to do!  I will never get bored!
Yeah.  Until burn out happens.
I had not run (for teh sake of running) in so long I forgot that I liked it.  I paced a half marathon, ran a marathon, the Goofy Challenge and an Ironman in 2011-2012 and hated running.  At the end of my bike leg at Ironman Florida I asked if I could go back out and do it again.  I wasn't really kidding.
I am not a runner, I am a TRIATHLETE.  I must run to finish line, or be an aquacyclist.  And I would be just fine with that honestly.
Only now, after a good break from the act of running with purpose, I have grown to love it again.  I realize that now I am running from a happy place, a place of contentment, not one of obligation.   It is no longer the bane of my existance.  Whew. The next few years would SUCK if I did not find my run mojo again.
So now I am going to be focusing on my running for the next few months, to really break myself of my preconcieved notions of running and build a stronger me. 
I mean afterall at one time I was RunnerGirl. 
RunnerGirl - Same great triathlete taste, now with 300% more run, and 50% less complaining! 

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