Dec 13, 2013

Making Dreams a Reality

There comes a time when all the dreaming in the world, while a nice distraction from reality, no longer comforts.  I am at that point.  I have been there a while really, but finally made an effort to turn those dreams of mine into reality this past November. 

It goes back to the desire to work for something as opposed to the desire for something.  I am ready to work for it and to go get it done! 

While in Florida in November I ordered a study kit from the American Council on Exercise. After much research and years of thinking about it, I decided that this is the time.  The time is now.   I am starting on the next leg of my journey.  I am studying for my ACE Personal Training certification, and am building hors towards my coaching dreams in order to sit for my USAT Level 1 coaching credential in 2015. 

I have taken on two clients in coaching already and am really excited that I have taken some substantial steps towards a new life!   With this I have also started a new company!  Welcome to 

This is the home for my new path in life!  I will be keeping up the journey blog more consistently again now that I have a renewed spark in my own personal journey, as well I have started a business specific blog  which will have the purpose as being the outlet for my clients and my personal develpoment in fitness.

Expect some great things in the new year!

Shine on my friends!


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