Dec 20, 2007

Where oh where has RunnerGirl been?

SLACKING! On posting that is.

As for workouts - oh yeah. Those things.

I have been hitting the pool a LOT. It has officially become my most fave form of exercise, fitness, and all around motion based what-have-you.

I went to Master's swim last night where there was the Olympic coach on deck. She watched me swim for 50yards, then told me that all I needed to do was to keep my head in alignment with my body and I would be set. That made me feel pretty good! I don't suck sooooo bad afterall... but I definitely have work ahead of me.

Biking and running - that may very well be another story all together. But I am in base-building. And I have decided to put my base-building adventure on permanent hire. I am treating all of 2008 as base-building. Yes I am racing, but I am not going crazy like I have done in running.

My old running motto is being held triple-time here - If I am not having fun, then why am I doing this?

Burning myself out is not fun. Taking life one day at a time and being flexible is. And that is what this crazy sport is teaching me. Flexibility, the importance of rest, the importance of body feedback, and the importance of support.

So with that I am seven months out from my first outdoor triathlon. And I am so going to be ready. Seven whole months of building-base. My first outdoor tri will be my benchmark. My baseline. The race which all other races will forever be judged. AND - it will be the race after which I will be able to firmly call myself a triathlete. Not a triathlete in training.

There is sno shame in my game. I am learning and teaching, balancing and juggling. Cheering and listening.

At the end of all this the only thing that will be really different is my respect for my self. My actual body self, not just my person self.

I am learning so much about the human body and endurance multi-sport. The Jenn of 2002 will not succeed in 2008. Heck the Jenn of 2007 will not succeed in 2008.

The Jenn of today has a fighting chance.

})i({ Runnergirl

Oh, and Ken asked what my new name should be... how about SwimChick? There is a cute swim cap I have my eyes set on.....

Love the cap, but I will forever be RunnerGirl.
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