Oct 2, 2007

El Manifesto de Jenniferlyn

Well folks, it is about that time, right? Right.

So what is on the schedule for 2008? A lot is on the schedule for '08. ;) Not only will I be chugging away at work, I will also be wrapping up my MBA. *whew* I cannot wait for it to be done, but more importantly I cannot wait to get back in the saddle! Or does that phrase only apply to riding horses or biking? Because I honestly cannot wait to get back to that either. Um, the cycling that is.

The life/work/school balance is tricky. I have crashed and burned more than a few times due to overloading myself. But I am not the first person who has had to balance life. I do believe, and please correct me if I am wrong, that everyone has had to maintain some sort of balance in their life.

It is true what they say you know. Everything in the world is held together by a small inkling of friction. One little thing and life as we know it esssentially stops. That? That right there? That also applies to maintaining good life balance. When you hit it all is well... but sometimes things slip. You just need to be flexible.

I know that this schedule will look a little heavily loaded, but I want it that way. I am pushing myself yes, but that is what life is. Balance and friction. Give and take. I have burnt out enough to know that I have a threshold. And I do believe that this schedule is placing me firmly before it - not over it.

Personal growth means never having to say you are sorry... when you have lost the courage to say "No. I am not ready for this one."... because I have the courage to say no.

Currently I have only 2 races per month on my schedule, and that is manageable. I have tried very hard to mix up the schedule so my two races each month are a little different. a sprint with an aquathlon, an oly with a road race. I am here for a healthy lifestyle, not to conquor all of the races that are out there. The rest will be there next year. Well except for the ones at Stoney Creek. Those all got cancelled. boooo!

I have scheduled in some other activities as well to really keep it fresh. The main one - volunteering. I am giving back, taking a break, and cheering someone else on for a change. That is one thing that I am super excited for. Because those races with a V... those are my reality checks. Those are my battery rechargers. Those are a little slice of heaven. Watching all of you go out there and complete this dream... together.

So without further ado - I give to you:

el Manifesto de Jenniferlyn - '08 editiono
Like all good things Runnergirl, it is color coded with letter keys for those readers who may be colorblind. I am equal opportunity here.

? - If not participating, then volunteering
R - Run
D - Duathlon/Aquathlon
S - Sprint
O - Oly/International
V - Volunteer
A - "A" race of the year (one each for Tri, running, and Du)

January - May:
Training, indoor tris, a few 5- and 10-ks to warm up.

Big Fish(S),
Motor City Tri (V)

Howell Independance Aquathlon,
YMCA Happy Trails (S)

Steelhead (V),
Lansing Legislator My 30th B-day!!!! (O)
FAST Island Lake Tri (S),
Island Lake Tri different one, same name! (V)

FitNovi Tri (S, ?),
Dances With Dirt 100K Relay (R),
Michigan Tri and Du Championhip (FAST Sponsored) (O, A)

Great Pumpkin Du (D, A)
Detroit Free Press Half Marathon (R, A)

November - December:
Oh.... just a little bit of this. And a little bit of that. And a little of the other! (Quick - what TV show was that from?)

So there you have it. It is written. It is said. It is... pretty cool!



Jess said...

That's quite the schedule! Good luck with 08!

P.O.M. said...

Wowsers. Planning is awesome and making lists is theraputic. Having goals like that is incredible. Good luck. Looking forward to reading about your accomplishments!

Jenniferlyn said...

I agree... list making is clensing. I mean, not Tibetian Horn cleansed... but cleansed in some sort of not-violently ill way. ;)

Thank you Jess! :) Good luck this weekend!

David H. said...

That's cool to start thinking ahead now. It's awesome to have blogs to make goals public - definitely holds you accountable!

Jenniferlyn said...

Accountability is key!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Hey, what happened to those races in January, February, and March? These are the ones where you get race sharp! Good luck Chica!

Pat said...

good luck in 08. Will the hi five state be back open next year? I went to a Red Wings/coyotes game a few years ago. I think everyone moved here.

Anonymous said...

You are going to be one busy lady! Good luck.

Bolder said...


Mike said...

great blog .... certainly sets out your goals.

BTW .... how do you get that picture to stay at the back of your blog??? Very cool me thinks :)