Dec 23, 2013

Looking Ahead to the New Year

Christmas is upon us and soon we will be gathering to toast the past year and usher in a new one.

I am so excited to really put myself out there.  2013 for me was a wash in some ways, but at the end of the year I realize that I needed a reset year to solidify who I am in my own head. I have no doubts now as to what I want and why I want it.

Sure I went through so set backs, weight gang AGAIN, depression, juggling a new career and a new home life.  But I realized that there is nothing special or remarkable in that.  It is life. 

In 2014 I am putting my nose back to the grindstone and working on myself.  So here are some of the things that I am working on in the new year:

No more being so competitive - life is not a contest.
Try to live the best possible life I can each day.
Shine more shade less.
Give myself the gift of giving my all, no more half-assed excuses and half-assed attempts.
Be content in what I have, but work harder for what I want.

My goal is that in one year I will be looking back and smile on all the hard work I put in during the year.

Shine on!

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