Sep 18, 2009

Three Half Marathons, One 5k, One 10k all In Three Weeks Time!

I did something cool (to me) back in 2005. I ran 4 half marathons or greater in 4 weeks time.

While the opportunity to do this again has not come my way since, I sort of find myself in a similar situation and I am actually really excited for it.

I feel prepared and excited again.

You see, I have THREE half marathons between tomorrow and 10/4. That would be one a week.
In addition to that, I also have a 5k and a 10k race scheduled.

So I have 4 races, 5 official runs, scheduled in 4 weeks time.

9/19/09 - Brooksie Way Half Marathon Training Run - not a race, but a half marathon none-the-less.
9/20/09 - Run Wild for the Zoo 10k
9/25/09 - Free Love 5k
9/26/09 - Hippie Half Marathon

I am excited mainly because I went back to celebrating every mile that I run, and once I took the expectations out of running and put back in the celebrations, everythign just clicked for me.

I still wonder at which point did the celebrating turn to expectation on my runs, but then again why waste time looking backwards?

Am I going to set a PR this year? Yes. I just do not know when. Will i tbe 2:30 or less? I do not know as Brooksie is hella-hilly, but I have a 2:35 time at this last year and that was with consistent training however not nearly as consistent as this year.

I have three weeks to break a 2:30, and if for some reason I do not do it at Brooksie, I plan on running 13.1 miles every weekend until I go sub 2:30! I have it within me this I know. My natural running pace seems to fall at around an 11:03 when I just let myself go, so I know that I can sustain for 13.1 miles and go well under a 2:30. That is on flat.

If at the end of this year I look back and did not make or break 2:30, I am OK with it - as I know in my heart that I grew so much more than the miles and the clock can ever measure.

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