Sep 23, 2009

Run Woodstock Hippie Half Marathon


Up until today I have been just thinking that this weekend's half marathon would be a nice training run for brooksie Way, which of course it is.

However this morning I received an email from Running Fit (the race organizer) going over teh last minute details of the runs.

Now, I am very excited to be a part of this awesome weekend! I will be going solo, but that is OK. Part of the fun is just being there and experiencing the run.

This girl has some major running mojo, and keeping fun themed races on my calendar helps me stay motivated and excited about each step.

For a few years now, my personal montra has been "The run is mine. I will embrace each step." Never truer words have been spoken!

recap of last weekend

I made it through 12.2 miles of my planned 13.1. Shin splints plagued the first 3 miles, then the next 5-6 miles absolutely ROCKED. The last few hurt the balls of my feet, so I decided just to call it quits and go soak in the lake for a cool down.

Once home I took a hot shower, then a cold bath. The cool water running over my sore legs felt awesome. No pain afterwards, only slight tightness.

I skipped on the 10K race on Sunday after realizing the race-day entry fee was super high.

Have a great day everyone! :)
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