Sep 18, 2009

Three Half Marathons, One 5k, One 10k all in Three Weeks Time!

So back in 2005 I did something pretty cool (to me.) I ran 4 half marathons in 4 weeks.

While an opportunity such as that has not presented itself to me since, I some how ended up doing something similar starting tomorrow.

9/19/09 - Brooksie Way Half Marathon Training Run - I will be running the actual course at slower than race pace in preperation for the next few weeks. While not a race, it is still a half marathon!

9/20/09 - The Run Wild for the Zoo 10k Race

9/25/09 - The Free Love 5k

9/26/09 - The Hippie Half Marathon

10/4/09 - Brooksie Way Half Marathon

10/18/09 -

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