Sep 7, 2009

Celebration. Make it a daily thing!

This past week was phenomenal for me as far as consistency goes. I bought new running shoes for a motivational pick-me-up and boy did it work!

Monday - 2 miles on the dreadmill to make sure my new Gel Kayano 15's are the ones. They are.
Tuesday - ran 4.5 miles
Wednesday - Rode mountain bike at Maybury, got injured, then ran 3 miles at Indian Springs.
Thursday - Rest day
Friday - Ran/walk 4 miles with my friend Kathleen who is in training fo rher first 10k. Tripped and fell and hurt all remaining appendages.
Saturday - Ran 9 miles averaging 11:28. Not too shabby for an long slow distanced run.
Sunday - Rest day
Monday - Ran 6 miles (goal was 5) out at Maybury on the paved trail, averaging 10:57 pace.

The runs have been fun and attainable while still needing to work at them. While I am still in the mid-range for distances (running between 4.5 and 9 miles at a shot) I am being really consistent.

One thing that I did which really has had a mental impact is that I went back to celebrating each run. I was talking to an old running partner of mine this week and told him about how I missed when we first started running.

Yay we just ran our first half-mile!

Yay we just ran our first mile!

Yay I just rana 5k straight through!

At what point did the celebration stop and the expectations grow?

I have no idea, but I am reversing this trend.

So on all of my runs this past week I took all expectations off of the table with the exception of celebrating every mile and rejoicing in the run that I accomplished. Each and every run was that much more meaningful to me.

So today, no matter what you do, if you find a rut in your life or your sport try going back to basics like when it was all new and every milestone was to be celebrated.

It is key to remember that while some activities define a moment in your life, they do not define you.

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