Aug 19, 2008

TRIfecta part 2 - Done!

Sorry so late, but here is the RR for TRIfecta part dos - The T-Rex Triathlon.

Total time - 1:30:50Result: 12th out of 26 in AG (30 - 34) ;-)SWIM : 19:56 (2:29/100m)T1 1:19BIKE : 34:23 (20mph)T2: 1:09RUN: 33:02 (10:40 pace)
Pre-race routine:
Since this was an evening race - woooooot! - I was able to chillax all day before hand. Nice. Had some chicken and spaghetti for lunch, then worked on the bike. Fixed the shifting problem and adjusted my aero bars. No more noises, no more shifting issues.

Event warmup:
Got to ILRA and set up my transition area. Hung out with my Mike, Lisa, Lana, Jaclyn, Daves 1 & 2, Dan, his wife and daughter, Jo and her family and Trish and her family. Got in the water and froliced around a bit. Got on the bike and rode it all of around the parking lot to assure that it was in the correct gear. Good times folks, good times!
I am a slow swimmer still! We swam between blow-up dinosaurs instead of bouys. That was sweet. It was a half mile swim this week, versus the quarter mile I swam Sunday. This is a Personal Best for me - 1/2 mile (800yards) averaging 2:40/100yard. Sweet!
What would I do differently?: Swim faster. ;) But I am working on that! STILL!
This transition was quicker than last week. I think having the race in teh evening makes me more focused.
What would I do differently?: Not a thing. It all went as planned yet again.
Seriously, who is this woman? My personal best on this exact course is 19mph. I honestly average 17.7mph to 18.5mph every single ride here. At the race, on the same course I averaged 20+mph! I was 102 overall on the bike - out of 400 or so athletes. In my age group - there were 26 of us, and I was 4th on the bike. I am doing something right, I tell ya!
What would I do differently?: Not a damn thing.
T2 - I got new laces AGAIN this week - that makes two pairs since Saturday, this time they are bungee-like, so my T2 is a PR, 1:09. Sweet!
I decided to just run. I am 30. I am going to run. So I did.
I started to run and feel a little iffy in my tummy. I then started to get cramps, and not the leg type if you girls out there know what I mean. :( So I kept on running. Not so soon after I started Dave Potter passed me and told me that I was kicking ass, and to NOT let Lana pass me.
No sweat! I am a faster runner than her and passed her on the bike, but if she was anywhere close to me... she'd try to kick it up and sprint me to the finish, and I know that I had no kick left in me. So for 3.1 miles - I just tried to stay 1 minute ahead of her.
At mile 1 I saw her - sweet! I need to pick up the pace to get a good lead.
Mile 2 came with the wondering if there would be ANY water at all on the course. I was starting to get thirsty - my throat was dry and my head started to hurt. At the turn around to the finish line, which was maybe mile 2.25, there was the water. About time. I stopped running anf drank 3 glasses of water.
I was parched.
I ran in the finish strong - 1:30:50. That my friends is a HUGE PR.
Post race
Warm down: Walked around and ate with Mike, Lana (who finished just 3 minutes after I did), Jaclyn, Dave, Jo, Trish, and Dave 2. Saw Jer and Bonnie who had just finished their first triathlon! Way to go guys!
What limited my ability to perform faster?: My weight again.. and for the rest of this season at least. ;)

Event comments: RunnignFit puts on good running races, and this triathlon is one of the best ones I have seen so far! Next year there will be three races in the series, so I am definitely going to do all three!

Well - since I am two thirds of the way done with my TRIfecta - I am certainly stepping up the training this off season. My HIM is not just going to be a race to finish - it will be a race that I finish STRONG.

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L*I*S*A said...

So great to meet you at this race! We had a fun time, didn't we?