Feb 3, 2008

Super5K Race Report - Stubble race done!

I did my "stubble" 5K race this morning. My thought was that I would eek out those 3.1 miles trying really hard to just keep running. But upon arriving and finding Lana, today's mission was now to make sure that my partner in crime Lanabanarama the disco biking queen made it through the race with a good experience.

We ran a nice and comfortable 3.1 miles. My HR was high, but not as high as in previous runs. I averaged 169 BPM for the race, and torched 709 calories.

Lana new she would be in the 13-minute miles today and probably walking a bit. Nope! Not letting that happen! Not especially since she was a 4-armed carbo loading machine at her part last night. Not letting all those carbs go to waste!

I have to say, it was nice to be the motivator for once! I kept her going the entire way and even got a 12:30 pace for the first mile. We slowed down a bit on mile 2, then sped back up the last mile. And I was very pleased to see that Lana has the exact same running MO as I do - warm up for 3 miles then torch it at the end killing that last 0.1 mile like the sprinters we are! I believe that we finished in 38:40 (according to our watches) - the official time is based on gun start, mat finish. So that 38:40 was our actual run time, not from gun start.

I have now crossed off the last of my goals for January, and now that I am at a good 3 mile run, I have the confidence in my run that I was lacking towards the end of '07 due to injury. All it takes it good conversation, fun running, oh and enjoying what you are doing. :o)

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