Feb 7, 2008

Hills and Yards and Fartleking... Oh my!

This week has been an amazing training week for me. Heck - this has been the eye opening simple week that I needed to get me back on track with my ped sport - running.

Monday I did a 1.2 mile run at lunch. :o) I did it in work clothes and snowboots and managed a very easy 12:30 pace. I mean it actually felt easy. I RACED at that pace just the day before - but then again, I really didn't race. lol. I really did keep it slow to make sure I was fit enough to run the whole distance.

Tuesday I swam 600 yards easy and after quite a few 25's I decided to just go for it. I did a 150 out of no where! WOO HOO!! Then after about :20 of rest I did another 100 just for fun. My swim fitness is improving for sure.

Wednesday was the day that I discovered a great way to not hate my time on a treadmill... by doing hill repeats on it.


For real.

You see, Runner's World online has a great video on hill challenges - you do a 10 minute warm up, then a set of hill repeats at or just above 10K pace. I did all the hills and the run at a nice and suprisingly EASY 11:30 pace. The repeats then go as such (staying at your pace!!!)

90 seconds at 3%
3 minutes recovering at 0%
90 seconds at 3%
3 minutes recovering at 0%
60 seconds at 5%
2 minutes recovering at 0%
60 seconds at 5%
2 minutes recovering at 0%
30 seconds at 7%
60 seconds recovering at 0%
30 seconds at 7%
60 seconds recovering at 0%

The cool down with 10 minutes.

I was happy that I was able to maintain the 11:30 - which shows me that I am improving in speed. I actually could have gone into the 10's but I wanted to be comfortable (at least the first time I do the challenge!)

I am doubly happy about my heart rate as it was MUCH lower after this crazy run than a few weeks ago - hmmmm.... improvements in fitness? Guess what? They really do happen! You just sort of have to work for them.

I did the hill repeats at lunch at the gym by work. The after a 3 hour trip home after work(SNOW STORM!) I went to the gym (AGAIN!) and did my swim workout. :o)

This time my workout was courtesy swimplan.com - the BEST swim website evah! It gives you a personalized swim workout based on your fitness, endurance, pool length, equipment, and goals. So I did the 750 yard workout (granted in my gym's pool it is only 690 yards due to the whole 23 yard length thing - how odd!) with no issues.

I went back to swimplan.com today and asked for a more difficult workout and the leads us to today's great swim!

W/U 100 yard FS easy, rest :20
Build up (did this set 3 times) 1 x 50 FS single arm (6xleft, 6xright) rest:10, 1 x 50 FS lateral kick, rest :10
Core 12 x 50 FS target time 1:25 (I completed each in an average of 1:09!) :15 rest after each 50
C/D 2 x 50 FS easy

Of course it ended up being only 1012 yards due to the pool length - but it was a nice workout. The 12 x 50 actually took less than I thought it would and the 100 warm up was great! As my mentor over on BT said - those yards are really starting to add up. Man 1 month ago I did not think that I would be able to do a workout like that. Amazing how so much can change in so little time!

I really owe Triathlon a huge thanks. Without the diversity I would be a sore runner. Sort of like a sore loser, only worse. That girl who laces up only to dread every step. NOW... well now I love running again - to the point where I am actually training not just running. Hill repeats, tempo runs, easy recoveries, and long runs will all be in rotation. I look at swiming, running, and cycling as equal parts in who I am and the activity I partake in. No longer will activity detract from my running - all this alternate activity is making me a better runner!

In addition to the swimming and eventually cycling (you know, when I get that bike in the next 3 weeks!) I am going to be training for the CRIM (a huge 10 mile race in Flint, MI)- no not just running to get ready... I mean actually training. I want to toe the line and have a plan to follow on the course. I want to toe that line and be excited for the next 10 miles... I want to toe the line knowing that not only will I finish - but I will finish STRONG.

I want to run the CRIM with no more than 11:30 pace per mile. So that means the addition of tempo runs and real speedwork. Oh yes - this year I am fartleking.

Excuuuuuuse me.... I am about to fartlek.

Also on the plan - two half marathons - the Brooksie Way (held in Rochester, MI by the CRIM organization) and of course - my favorote run - the Detroit International Half Marathon.

So see - all this triathlon training has made me a better person all around. I no longer see running as a necessary evil - I see it as an extension of who I am, and triathlon is just making the running all the more fun!

Swim, Bike, and above all else - RUN.

})i({ Runnergirl to the end!
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