Feb 1, 2008

There is no crying in bootcamp!

Holy cow.

This week I did this crazy thing called bootcamp. This particular bootcamp is a warm up followed by alternating sets of plyometrics, weight training and cardio, cooling down with ab work from hades itself. Devil designed and approved I swear! 1 hour... 1 hellova great hour.

Tonight I opted to go to the gym and run, bike, swim AND get in some good leg workouts. I need to stop that and break it out into two-a-days again, instead of one big jam session. Nothing wrong with the mega session, but fatigue can rob you of a good outcome. Volume is one thing - but quality and volume are equally as important!

I arrived at the gym, put on the JennPod and my new SMALLER workout clothes, and hit the machines for a good 20 minutes of legs and shoulders. I did a few sets of pullovers and a few sets of core work on the captain's chair, but mainly just lowerbody and shoulders.

After that I went upstairs and hopped on the bike for 20 minutes, 7.2 miles (slow but consistent effort). That felt really good. While spinning away I contemplated my bike options.

I have two bikes I can go with. The sweet tri bike (Quintana Roo) in flouresent green with hawiian flowers on it (and aptly named the Roo by its current owner and my fellow FAST chica Cheryl), or the equally as sweet Trek 1.2 Triple road bike (complete with new bike smell - as it is you know, new.) I am not so sure that I want a tri/TT bike right now - but knowing that I can get it pretty inexpensively is sort of tempting.

The good thing about the road bike - this particular Trek is middle of the line as far as price goes, has GREAT componature, and is really easy to switch to tri configuration. If I really want a tri stance, I can swap out the stock carbon fiber seat post and replace it with a slanted one that mimics tri stance. I also can throw on some profiles (aero bars) and switch the angle on the handles to slant more aggressively, putting me in a good aero position.

Hmmm... I think I just talked myself into the Trek Triple, eh?

After the contemplation on the bike I hopped on the treadmill for a half of a mile. Why only .5? Because I had eaten dinner just an hour before hitting the gym - and this time it did not fare well to be all bouncing around! :o) Chicken 555 and Tandoori Chicken is great in theory - not so great while running.

After my mini (and I do mean mini) brick, I went downstairs, hit the pool for 15 minutes to do so easy laps and stroke drills (triple switches and sharkfin drills mainly). Nothing crazy - I have a 1.5 hour swim tomorrow.

Sunday AM is the Superbowl 5K in Novi. 4 miles away from my house. Starts at 9AM, and is right down the road from our breakfast spot! Sounds good to me!

The 5K is actually the exact 5k route I run in the spring and summer as a warm up to my weight training workouts - very gradual hills that you don't notice really - and a simple out and back with a mini loop near the recycle facility.

Quite a few of my tri club members are running the race as well so this should be fun! My first race with FAST!

And - I am down another lb, which makes this the lowest weight I have been at since... hmmm... 2005?

What a great way to start off 2008 - on the right track.

})i({ Runnergirl

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