Jan 28, 2008

Holy reverse triathlon batman!

So tonight after work I decidexd to go for a run. So I did. 20 minutes of running in the pouring SLEET and stomping through the SLUSH of a very confused Michigan January.

Then I headed over to the rec center here in my complex and rode bike for 20 minutes. Then I proceeded to hit the mini lap pool at the rec center.

The craziest thing - I did nearly 20 minutes of non-stop laps. Some with flip-turns others without. I mean I barely took a break and when I did it was to adjust the goggles or switch to a drill for a few lengths. I was working really hard on breathing and hip rotations.

The mini lap pool is super small - like 10 strokes a length small - but 20 minutes of non-stop laps? That is a first for me!

Pictures - proof (and since I was in my own lap pool I could take pics - I am sorta anti taking pics in a healthclub's pool area. )




SM said...

Good job getting out there and doing it! A small pool like that would probably drive me crazy.

chia said...

LOL, I would get so dizzy with all those flippy doo's. Brilliant show Jess!

scarinzic said...

Sounds like a great workout! I hear ya on the small pool thing. The pool I train in is about 16.5 meters, so I'm constantly turning back around again...

Jess said...

I think it wise to not take pics in the pool area. Some may not appreciate that.

Good job on the workout! You're a machine.

Kim said...

woohoo youre a champ! what a great day of working out!