Nov 11, 2007

Kwando of Death. Bally's style.

Today I went with my friend Stacy to Bally's Kwando class in Novi. I figured that Kwando would be a nice way to break the rest, as technically it has been one week since I started to get sick.

When I walked in I went right up to the treadmill to get in a little run in before class. I see tons of people starting to move into class already, so I decided to cut the run short to 6 minutes and head in as well.

I was excited. It ws Sunday, 11:30AM and the class was alreaday filling up. That in my book mean it is going to be good.

I was wrong.

Our instructor - Joey - was a cracked-out man. He was angry, and I have no clue if this is just his demeanor or if he really got jacked-over this past week. Either way it really doesn't matter because for the 30 minutes I was able to last I hated him. Every jab, cross-punch, or uppercut was directed soley at him. Kwando, come to find out, is Bally's version of a battle royale - kickboxing to the death style class.

At 30 minutes and some I decided that although I was getting a great workout in, it was too much for me to handle at this point. So I headed out the back way straight onto the track and walked few laps. Then I ran a few. And then walked a few more. Ran a few more, and 25 minutes later I re-joined the class for what I assumed were the cool down and stretching.

I was wrong. Again.

Apparently since he teaches the (i can only assume) equally cracked-out spinning class right afterwards, he decided to keep the kickboxing class over for 15 minutes to do some seriously high-heart-rate ab work.

There was no cool down. There was no stretching. There were about 15 of the 30 of us in the kickboxing class who grabbed a bike and set up for the spinning class.

Are these people robots? Don't these people believe in NOT keeping your heart rate up so high for 2+ hours? Are these people on crack as well?

I can only assume. :)

I was tempted to come back next Sunday for spinning... but that is not on the plan and with Joey as the instructor I am sure that I would not last more than 20 minutes.

I have done it. I broke my rest period with an amazingly tough hour + 15 minute workout. I managed to get in some running in the process. I am right on track.

Monday I am back in it. Hip-hop for fat burning, plus some spinning for cardio and bike endurnce. Tuesday is full body strength plus abwork. Wedneday is my 1.5 hour swim with coach. Thursday is a little running outside. Friday is Yoga *yeaah!!!!*, and Saturday is my Triclub swim for 1.5 hours. I will end this next week with a nice 30 minute run outside, and POSSIBLY another go at Kwando. I always make myself go for 1 month of a new activity before I draw the verdict.

I hope that everyone's weekend is going well, that you are all stying healthy, and please remember this:

Crack. Is. Whack. Yo.

})i({ Runnergirl - back in action. Again.


Doug said...

Sounds like you can't take the heat :).

2+ hours at a high heart rate, well, you have never done a road bike race before, but they tend to have an avg HR of about 155 for me up to 50 miles. Now a 40 min short course crit, 175-185.

Unknown said...

Oh WOW! Sounds like a killer of a workout.

solobreak said...

That does sound like a good way to get some intensity done during indoor winter workouts. Just be careful when trying to keep up with others in a routine that is new to you. Get there earlier and do your own gentle warmup and stretching, and schedule enough time for your personal follow up just like you did this time. Intensity is all relative... Today's hard is tomorrow's medium. Go hard on your hard days and easy on your easy days. Too many medium days makes a medium athlete. Just keep it fun no matter what!

SM said...

Yeah I agree that is a killer workout. I can only imagine how that guy would be during spin!

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