Nov 11, 2007

Kwando of Death. Bally's style.

Today I went with my friend Stacy to Bally's Kwando class in Novi. I figured that Kwando would be a nice way to break the rest, as technically it has been one week since I started to get sick.

When I walked in I went right up to the treadmill to get in a little run in before class. I see tons of people starting to move into class already, so I decided to cut the run short to 6 minutes and head in as well.

I was excited. It ws Sunday, 11:30AM and the class was alreaday filling up. That in my book mean it is going to be good.

I was wrong.

Our instructor - Joey - was a cracked-out man. He was angry, and I have no clue if this is just his demeanor or if he really got jacked-over this past week. Either way it really doesn't matter because for the 30 minutes I was able to last I hated him. Every jab, cross-punch, or uppercut was directed soley at him. Kwando, come to find out, is Bally's version of a battle royale - kickboxing to the death style class.

At 30 minutes and some I decided that although I was getting a great workout in, it was too much for me to handle at this point. So I headed out the back way straight onto the track and walked few laps. Then I ran a few. And then walked a few more. Ran a few more, and 25 minutes later I re-joined the class for what I assumed were the cool down and stretching.

I was wrong. Again.

Apparently since he teaches the (i can only assume) equally cracked-out spinning class right afterwards, he decided to keep the kickboxing class over for 15 minutes to do some seriously high-heart-rate ab work.

There was no cool down. There was no stretching. There were about 15 of the 30 of us in the kickboxing class who grabbed a bike and set up for the spinning class.

Are these people robots? Don't these people believe in NOT keeping your heart rate up so high for 2+ hours? Are these people on crack as well?

I can only assume. :)

I was tempted to come back next Sunday for spinning... but that is not on the plan and with Joey as the instructor I am sure that I would not last more than 20 minutes.

I have done it. I broke my rest period with an amazingly tough hour + 15 minute workout. I managed to get in some running in the process. I am right on track.

Monday I am back in it. Hip-hop for fat burning, plus some spinning for cardio and bike endurnce. Tuesday is full body strength plus abwork. Wedneday is my 1.5 hour swim with coach. Thursday is a little running outside. Friday is Yoga *yeaah!!!!*, and Saturday is my Triclub swim for 1.5 hours. I will end this next week with a nice 30 minute run outside, and POSSIBLY another go at Kwando. I always make myself go for 1 month of a new activity before I draw the verdict.

I hope that everyone's weekend is going well, that you are all stying healthy, and please remember this:

Crack. Is. Whack. Yo.

})i({ Runnergirl - back in action. Again.

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