Nov 12, 2007


Today I feel it. The burn deep within my back and tricep muscles. My body has been bombed and I need to retaliate against my attacker. Kickboxing took its toll on me! For as much strength training that I do, I am shocked at the sensation in my muscles. I realize now that I have been ignoring some muscle groups I thought I was getting in my workouts. WOW. I sort of like this burn. I think that I will go back to the crackboxing next weekend just to see if I can make it past 30 minutes. This time... I am going for 35. Enjoy your day! RG


Jess said...

It might also mean that you're working the muscles in a DIFFERENT way. That kind of soreness is good.

Bolder said...


Bolder said...

tell the instructor to hike up those pants!

love that calendar thingy you've got going on, and your new profile description.

i need to stop reading peeps just in bloglines, you miss so much!

Unknown said...

Sounds like you really got your butt kicked. Take it easy and allow your muscles rest.