Nov 8, 2007


I am antsy. I waited it out, this sickness within me. I went through it, and now feel remarkably well. Almost too well for having to stay home in bed on Tuesday. I think that it is just the end of the cold, but I am at the stage where I could easily slip up, over do it, and end back in bed with a worse cold.

Mike has been sick for almost 2 weeks now. It migrated to his chest and he is a coughing machine. Me, not so much. I need to stay on this side of health.

My Saturday swim got nixed, so I am left with two options. Both are pretty good, so I am at no loss with either choice. I like those types of choices... win-win. I sometimes wish life was more win-win than win-lose, but I guess the saying that goes something to the effect that without pain we would never know how good life can be is true, and honestly some of those loses have shaped me into the woman I am today.

So what choices lie before me?

To do or not do Yoga Friday night.

I know, difficult, right? ;)

Rest has got to be about the HARDEST thing a person can do. I am not a restful person. Do not get me wrong here, I sleep well, I relax very well, and I know how to have a great peaceful time. But complete rest is so... boring. I am antsy people! ANTSY!

I want to go run so badly, but with the cooler temps and the head cold, that would not be a pretty sight. I want to swim, but alas the whole idea of head submerged in water while struggling to intake air while OUT of the water does not sound so terribly good. Well then how about biking? Yeh I am sort of exhausted.


For the first time in long time I am no longer afraid of rest. That makes attempting it no easier, however it definitely makes doing it feel less guilty.

My fear of going sloth and stopping all forward motion, of going back to the lazy Jenn is still within me, buried, but there. But I realize that rest does NOT equal sloth. And I can still move forward even with a week of body healing.

How freeing that is to realize!

So will I do Yoga tomorrow? I should just stay put until Monday just to give myself a full chance to recover, starting next week of strong and ready to go like I originally had planned.

I sort of like that idea.

Well that was remarkbly easy to decide.

But I am still antsy...


PS - My preggers friend Christina (the bunny) went in to see the Dr. today - um, she is 6 months pregnant. 6 MONTHS people! Holy cow! The reasaon that this is BIG news - She thought she was getting close to 18 weeks... not 26!!!!


Kim said...

you said it does not equal sloth! you will get back into the swing of things when you are 100%... don't push it!!!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Okay, I’ll be the bad cop this time. With the weather being unseasonably mild in the high-five state, I say get out and do something. We aren’t promised many more days of sun!!!!! Why am I still in this state?

David H. said...

getting sick, while it sucks, in the end is the greatest thing ever. just don't push it. do something small just to make sure you're better, then have at it.

Doug said...

Oh just go to the darn doctor.

Unknown said...

recovering when you are sick is important. it's frustrating, but important. Get well!!