Nov 7, 2007

Drawing the long straw...

Ok my friends.

Let's do this thing. Let's do it right.

My fine friend Bold unvailed his idea for a great project - Bloggers Againt Cancer. No words here will do this jutice compared to the word that Bold put forth already.

So for the two of you out there who have not had the immense pleasure of reading his blog... you should.

I am in. $1G in 2008. That is my pledge.

Why? Because I have loved and lost to cancer. And I admire all those who are survivors.. the patients and the loved ones.

Bold is right - we all have drawn the long straw in life. We have the opportunity to give back. To raise awareness, to raise funds for both research and survivorship.

Together we can make a difference.

Now that my friends, is living life boldly.

})i({ RG


Anonymous said...

I read Bold's post, and that is definitely a worthy cause. His story was very moving, and his idea for the blog against cancer is awesome!

Bolder said...

thank you jennifer. i'm glad to have you as a friend, and in this with me.