Oct 17, 2007

Spinning out of control. Updated.

So I had a choice to make, my wonderful friends in bloggyland.

I could have gone to the gym, hopped on a bike and go for a good 45 or 50 minutes. Or I could have gone to the gym, hopped on a Schwinn and spun for 1 hour with the drill sargeant from hades. I did try her class about 2 months ago and vowed to never step foot back into that sweat shop. I did not even make it past 30 minutes I was so beat and confused. Her shouts make no sense to me. And to be quite honest, I am a lil scurred of the drill sargeant.

The decision was easy enough - bike on my own or give the spin-ster another go. Yet somehow I manged to mull over it for a good 25 minutes.

In the end opted to bike by myself and listen to a great cardio playlist that I had made for PF Chang' RNR AZ Half Marathon this past January. I got so into the music that at 33:03 minutes I had busted out 12.07 miles and had not really noticed. I do not know if that is good or not, but I will take it!

So this is sort of where the story gets interesting. Sort of. In a sick, sick way. After the bike, I drove home and stopped of at the workout center here. Yeah, that is not the sick part. The sick part is that I was there to see if the elliptical was free... I kid you not.

24 hours ago I hated the thing, now I sort of want to sneak in little elliptical miles here and there. Someone must have drugged me. When I find them... oh are they gonna pay!

Alas, the elliptical was not free this time, so I settleed on doing 1 set of 12 bicep curls on a rediculously crappy machine (gag) and a dreadmill opened up. I hopped on, busted out a quarter mile at a 1% slope in 3:00 and then called it a day.

Forward motion rocks. Seriously. ;)

Tomorrow I am doing 1 mile with my running club, as well as LB and core afterwards. I think that for the 1 mile I am just going to go easy because this will be my first run on pavement since... well I honestly lost track.

I hope that everyone is having a good week out there! A lot of the fall marathon and halfs are coming up shortly!

})i({ RunnerGirl

Bike: 33:03, 12.07miles, 21.9 miles per hour

Treadmill: .25 miles, 3:00Minutes, 1% incline

UB: Bicep Curls, 1/12/25#

CORE: 50 crunches


Pat said...

I hate mean trainers. life is too short to pay people to yell at you.

go with the tv and bike in peace.

Jenniferlyn said...

I took your advice Pat - I did the bike and 1/4 mile on the dreadmill. lol... SMOOTH.

SM said...

I hate treadmills. You run and run but don't get anywhere. I can never go more then 2 miles simply out of boredum.

Anonymous said...

My mom signed me up for spinning with her. She loves it! Simply LOVES it. I, however, went to one class, and vowed that I would never again do that.

So I admire your determination to stay with it.. and do it, I run some days because I hate machines... a lot. (And the elliptical? really?)

Bolder said...

i can't believe you went to see if the elliptical was free!

hey! new profile pic. like it.

Unknown said...

I've never liked spin class. shrug. I don't like treadmills either. I guess I'm just an outside kinda' girl.

Jess said...

I would've avoided the spin-devil as well.

JessiferSeabs said...

Hey there... not sure how I stumbled across your blog but just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. I have lost about 70 lbs and just ran my first marathon... and now I'm struggling with how to get back on a normal gym routine and lose these last 30. Your post today got me really fired up to go join a gym and "feel the burn" again.

Thanks! And nice to meet you!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Boy, I thought this would end with you in the spinning class putting your bike in the front of the class and outlasting the DI! I heart spinning class, I love shouting back at the instructors. It was good that you went looking for your nemesis to confront your demons.

Doug said...

Sounds like you are turning into a real gym rat :).

Spinning has a place, but you can't do intervals on every bike ride, you'll just get beat up and burned out.

Get a trainer for your own bike over the winter, and catch up on that big pile of DVDs you have not watched yet. There are also a ton of Spinervals DVDs you can get:


Unknown said...

I hate trainers from HELL. One should not have to put with that crap.