Oct 17, 2007

Spinning out of control. Updated.

So I had a choice to make, my wonderful friends in bloggyland.

I could have gone to the gym, hopped on a bike and go for a good 45 or 50 minutes. Or I could have gone to the gym, hopped on a Schwinn and spun for 1 hour with the drill sargeant from hades. I did try her class about 2 months ago and vowed to never step foot back into that sweat shop. I did not even make it past 30 minutes I was so beat and confused. Her shouts make no sense to me. And to be quite honest, I am a lil scurred of the drill sargeant.

The decision was easy enough - bike on my own or give the spin-ster another go. Yet somehow I manged to mull over it for a good 25 minutes.

In the end opted to bike by myself and listen to a great cardio playlist that I had made for PF Chang' RNR AZ Half Marathon this past January. I got so into the music that at 33:03 minutes I had busted out 12.07 miles and had not really noticed. I do not know if that is good or not, but I will take it!

So this is sort of where the story gets interesting. Sort of. In a sick, sick way. After the bike, I drove home and stopped of at the workout center here. Yeah, that is not the sick part. The sick part is that I was there to see if the elliptical was free... I kid you not.

24 hours ago I hated the thing, now I sort of want to sneak in little elliptical miles here and there. Someone must have drugged me. When I find them... oh are they gonna pay!

Alas, the elliptical was not free this time, so I settleed on doing 1 set of 12 bicep curls on a rediculously crappy machine (gag) and a dreadmill opened up. I hopped on, busted out a quarter mile at a 1% slope in 3:00 and then called it a day.

Forward motion rocks. Seriously. ;)

Tomorrow I am doing 1 mile with my running club, as well as LB and core afterwards. I think that for the 1 mile I am just going to go easy because this will be my first run on pavement since... well I honestly lost track.

I hope that everyone is having a good week out there! A lot of the fall marathon and halfs are coming up shortly!

})i({ RunnerGirl

Bike: 33:03, 12.07miles, 21.9 miles per hour

Treadmill: .25 miles, 3:00Minutes, 1% incline

UB: Bicep Curls, 1/12/25#

CORE: 50 crunches

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