Oct 18, 2007

Building my base.

So it is that time. Time to put away those cheesy poofs, wipe the orange powdery-goop from my hands and get back to building my base. LOL, as if I would even touch cheesy-poofs. More like chocolate chip cookies... but I digress.

You see, the OLD Runnergirl would simply just jump into it. The NEW Runnergirl is in training for her fall 5K (Deeee-troooooit Stuff-ing Struuuuut - see Doug, I got it right this time. lol), but is also building up a nice base for her 2008 season at the same time.

I am actually, for the first time evah building a base to work off of. Hmmm... maybe this time my training will not tumble on top of me, eh?

The way I am attacking approaching this is by focusing on my weakness. Swimming. My plan is not balanced (meaning equal time in all three disciplines), but I feel that this is a good departure for me. The OLD Runnergirl would have a running focused plan (my strength), whereas the NEW Runnergirl has a swim focused plan.

Facing. My. Fears.

Building. The. Base.

I am embarking on a 20 week base build. By the end of the 20 weeks I will be primed and ready for my 2008 season with my Tri Team. Plus I will be able to do some 5k and 10ks along the way with my running club, which is going to be awesome!!! How awesome? SUPER awesome.

The graphic really does suck now that I see it on here, but since I have joined in Wil's Through Th3 Wall Challenge, I have uploded my entire BB plan in Buckeye Outdoors. And that took a LONG time.

A few things are different from this plan versus any other plan I have ever attempted.

  1. It is for triathlon. So obviously that is different right off the bat.
  2. I am going for TIME this go around. So every workout is measure in minutes, not miles or yards. My goal is to increase distance as I am becoming more efficient.
  3. It is amazing to see such short runs. I am used to my long runs being 7-20 miles, not 20-40 minutes. This is going to be the hardest part for me (focusing on quality not quantity)
  4. Swimming focus - not only do I have planned 3 days of swims ( short, medium, and long times 1 day a week each) I have added a bonus 30 minute swim on Sundays. I need ALL the time in the pool that I can! And honestly I can spare 30 minutes out of my day given the lap pool is all of 1,000 feet away from my back porch.
  5. With work and travel and school, the fact that my nightly workout average is around 35 minutes is perfect. I can build a strong base, be sprint distance and 5K ready, but be able to study, SLEEP, and live. I am not training for iron, so I should not be pouring myself into this for 8-12 hours a week. Plus this will serve as a nice transition in my day, work - workout -school.
  6. I am going to have to adjust to the more frequest but shorter workouts, and 2-a-days.
  7. It looks like a lot of volume, but honestly it is not. some days are 14 minutes, others are 40. In the end I still am averaging 3-4 hours a week. A lot less in the beginning, slightly more in the end.
  8. I have 2 days of strength/Ab work and 1 day of yoga.
  9. I do have rest days planned as well, at minimum 1 per week. Some weeks I have 3. I know that rest is just as important as hitting the gym. Maybe even more important.
  10. I am flexible. Somedays I know that my run will need to be on the treadmill, or the elliptical. (did I just say that?) That is fine with me.
  11. And finally, by focusing on 3 different sports, maybe now those overuseage injuries will go away!

So here is to base building. Slow, easy, and fun!!!! It always has to be fun!

I hope that you all are having a great evening! I am heading off to beddy bye, as tomorrow is a day filled with meetings.



David H. said...

I'm glad you see the importance of base miles now and not three months from now. Now, if you could just get rid of the term "season" ... :)

Unknown said...

Excellent plan!! Glad you included the HAVE FUN part - that is very important. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great plan! I was happy to discover that training for three sports really does help prevent overuse injuries. Enjoy your training!

IronWaddler said...

Great plan. This is all new to me also. Swimming is also my weakness as I am just beginning to take lessons. I have also found that it takes me 3 times as much time to be slow at 3 sports but i love it.

Doug said...

awesome? Yes, you grew up in the 80s :).

Where do you have an indoor pool a 1000 feet from your house?

Rest is very important! If you don't rest, your body will make you (see my blog) I feel MUCH better now

Jenniferlyn said...

DOug - I live in a gated community which has a full rec center and outdoor are as well. We have an indoor lap pool, suna, whirlpool as well s full cardio and some strength mchines. Out side we have full tennis courts, volley ball nets (sand), and an outdoor pool with an outdoor whirlpool as well.

Oh - and we have a nature trail as well. SWEET.

Or should I say RAD!