Oct 16, 2007

Back in the game.

Today my goal was to hit the gym for a 1-mile run on the dreadmill, followed by a quick UB and ab workout.

Funny thing about goals... often they change. Another thing about goals... change isn't always bad.

Enter the elliptical of death. *dramatic echo*

This is what I looked like, minus the sweatbands circ. 1980 I rock it old school yo, just not THAT old school.

The only thing I hate more than the dreadmill is the elliptical. In fact I have not once made it past 5 minutes on the contraption. I.Hate.Redundancy. I.Hate.Getting.Nowhere.

I enter the workout center (read: not the gym) of my complex, only to find every single piece of cardio equipment taken except for one lonely elliptical. "Newman" I say as my right eye twitches. It is cool because there is a little flat screen TV attached to every treadmill, elliptical, stepper, and bike in the joint. Niiice. However that still implies that I will be on one of them.

I walk right up to the elliptical and stare it down. I decide that I would do a slow 20 minute attempt figuring that I would be lucky to make it 4 minutes before I'd walk out in defeat.

Not so my friends! Not so in the least!

Not only did I make that 4 minute mark... it quickly became 5. Then 10. And there is where I hit the mile.

Wow. I just did 1 mile on the elliptical. 10 minutes and change... and I am not even winded. I love this thing! I better stop now before I hate it again I thought.

A funny thing about thoughts... you have the power to NOT act on them.

10 minutes and 1-point-something additional miles later I was done. Then I did a nice 5 minute cool-down just to stick it to it. I may have muttered something to the effect of "Kiss the rings bitch... I'm OUT!" as I exited the building...

I beat the elliptical. This is huge for me. I mean HUGE.

So October 16, 2007 at 6:05PM I broke out of my hibernation off season and got 2 miles done. I am back in the game! I am in training for Detroit. Oh no - not the Detroit Half Marathon. I mean the Detroit Turkey Trot 5k of course!

I am actually training for it. I mean for realzy. I have never trained for anything less than a half marathon, I just always sort of went out and did them. *snicker* I actually have just sort of gone out and done a few half marathons as well *cough* PF Chang's*Cough*... but I digress.

So this is not only going to be new for me, but I am going to really give it a try. No more 5k's as warm up runs to the main event. I want this 5K to be a great one! ;)

Have a great one peeps!




Anonymous said...


I'm Nat. How did I end up here? Amy from Runners' Lounge may have linked to you...

Anyway, this post made me laugh. People keep saying but Nat it's -30 out why don't you run INSIDE. Because I hate the threadmill. I hate the elliptical. Good on you for thoughing it out. :)

Bolder said...

i was just thinking about the elliptical too.

my friend fliegs doesn't swim all winter... so, i've been thinking about activities to sub.

the elliptical came to mind, as well as real x-country skiing!

KISS THE RINGS! well done.

Rocks said...

Hey I just recently stumbled across your blog and wanted to let you know that you have a local reader, reading it. I’ll be at the turkey trot too only I'll be on the side lines eating donuts and drinking coffee. Good luck on your race.
-Rocks (from warren)

TNTcoach Ken said...

Hey, didn’t we have our 2010 schedule posted, I mean * cough* 2008? What happened to reaching for the stars and all those other clich├ęs? Aren’t we a woman on a mission? Okay, just as long as you continue to move forward……

Jess said...

I don't mind the elliptical, but it is repetitious and I could never make it a regular part of my workouts.

David H. said...

Machines bore the hell out of me too, but I may break down and buy something to get through the winter. Maybe. Highly doubt it though. You're not convincing enough. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, the workout machines seem so boring compared to being outside, but sometimes there's no other option. Great job on the eliptical, and good luck working towards your 5K!

Doug said...

You look 1980s big time, sweeting to the oldies.

The 5k is called the Stuffing Strut :P.

Run outside.

I might do the 5 or even the 10k. But being a bike racer, a foot race really puts it to me. Go to my blog and prod me into doing it. I did the 10k last year and it was fun :). This way I can pig out at Thanksgiving dinner later that day... maybe...