Oct 16, 2007

Back in the game.

Today my goal was to hit the gym for a 1-mile run on the dreadmill, followed by a quick UB and ab workout.

Funny thing about goals... often they change. Another thing about goals... change isn't always bad.

Enter the elliptical of death. *dramatic echo*

This is what I looked like, minus the sweatbands circ. 1980 I rock it old school yo, just not THAT old school.

The only thing I hate more than the dreadmill is the elliptical. In fact I have not once made it past 5 minutes on the contraption. I.Hate.Redundancy. I.Hate.Getting.Nowhere.

I enter the workout center (read: not the gym) of my complex, only to find every single piece of cardio equipment taken except for one lonely elliptical. "Newman" I say as my right eye twitches. It is cool because there is a little flat screen TV attached to every treadmill, elliptical, stepper, and bike in the joint. Niiice. However that still implies that I will be on one of them.

I walk right up to the elliptical and stare it down. I decide that I would do a slow 20 minute attempt figuring that I would be lucky to make it 4 minutes before I'd walk out in defeat.

Not so my friends! Not so in the least!

Not only did I make that 4 minute mark... it quickly became 5. Then 10. And there is where I hit the mile.

Wow. I just did 1 mile on the elliptical. 10 minutes and change... and I am not even winded. I love this thing! I better stop now before I hate it again I thought.

A funny thing about thoughts... you have the power to NOT act on them.

10 minutes and 1-point-something additional miles later I was done. Then I did a nice 5 minute cool-down just to stick it to it. I may have muttered something to the effect of "Kiss the rings bitch... I'm OUT!" as I exited the building...

I beat the elliptical. This is huge for me. I mean HUGE.

So October 16, 2007 at 6:05PM I broke out of my hibernation off season and got 2 miles done. I am back in the game! I am in training for Detroit. Oh no - not the Detroit Half Marathon. I mean the Detroit Turkey Trot 5k of course!

I am actually training for it. I mean for realzy. I have never trained for anything less than a half marathon, I just always sort of went out and did them. *snicker* I actually have just sort of gone out and done a few half marathons as well *cough* PF Chang's*Cough*... but I digress.

So this is not only going to be new for me, but I am going to really give it a try. No more 5k's as warm up runs to the main event. I want this 5K to be a great one! ;)

Have a great one peeps!



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