Sep 24, 2007

More Happier-er

Easy enough I guess!
First off I would like to thank all of you for your encouragement. After a good rest, a wedding, and some reviewing symptoms with fellow runners, I am feeling absolutely positive that I have shin-splints. I am also content in my decision to submerge myself into swimming for the next few months until I am ready to get back on those legs for any real distance.
On a good note I guess, I did change 3 things right before the pain started which gives me hope that my legs are adjusting and that I am not down for the count.
  1. I increased my speed.
  2. I added swimming (in and of itself would not relly be a big del, however we re using flipper during a portion of the drills and I am not used to the resistance)
  3. I got new kicks.

There is a great 5K in Ann Arbor (AKA the A-squared) this upcomming weekend. I am contemplating running it, but am afraid to do more harm than good. We will see how this week goes. Maybe I will try a trial mile mid-week to see if there is any improvement.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend! It was nice to just 'be' for once.
})i({ Jenniferlyn
Weekend Stats:
Mucho dancing at a wedding on Saturday.
Mucho doing nothing on Sunday.


Stuart said...

Good to see you had a pant swinging weekend. Be careful about coming back too early, shin splints are often brought on by too much too soon. Take it from me; I am just starting week 8 of PT, take the time to recover properly and you'll bounce back stronger.

Anonymous said...

Have you been able to identify the cause for your shin splints?

Taking the time off is, of course, wise. However, it's also important you figure out the cause so that you can mitigate the problem when you return to running.

I ran with terrible shin splints for a decade before figuring them out. Once I did, I was able to up my mileage to 80 miles per week with not even a trace of shin splints.

I'd love to help - I hate seeing people go through this.

Good luck!