Aug 28, 2007

Help spread the word.

Hey, if Amy Lawson can promote her website through magnet giveaways, then I think that I can publicize my little mission likewise - just without the magnets. Or pictures of George Clooney. Are you bummed? OK well maybe I will throw in a cool pic of GC, but alas I have no magnets to give away. Only my sincerest gratitude and my undying readership/stalking of your blog. Or you. Whichever you choose (you twitter using peeps out there know what I am talking about!)

I am asking for help in spreading the word. No, not God's word, or even word of my little blog here. I started a running project in January of this year as some of you know, but I have decided to change the focus. And that is what I need help with.

You see, the Run Out Epilepsy project is one that is close to my heart... or rather brain.

I just changed up the ROE blog a bit, and you can find the page here. Or here. Heck even here.

My story is all out there for the world to see now. I have been keeping two blogs, The Journey and the ROE Project (which I have been poorly neglecting as I sort through some things in my training life), seperate because I really wanted everyone to see me as the Runnergirl Jenniferlyn. Not as me the seizure havin' chick who happens to run.

I am seizure free for about a year now, all thanks to some new medictions and an amazing support network at the Epilepsy Foundation of America, as well as my family and friends. But I could not have gone through it without the support from the Foundation, and the monies donated yearly to the R&D of better tretments. I like to think of it as I am the result of donations made back in 1995. And now it i time for me to give back to help the people struggling with this condition in the future.

That is what my mission with the ROE is all about. I call it miles for cures. I am donating (aside from the money I continually donate) every single mile I swim, bike, or run in exchange for peole making donations to the EFA to help others become success stories.

I am doing this to raise not only funds for the EFA, but for the people with epilepsy. For finding a cure. For researching and developing better meds with fewer side effects. For helping that person struggling with loosing their freedom and lifestyle. For helping that person to cope with never being able to be left alone again. For helping that one person feel whole again. To feel viable in their own life.

And those are all really tough things.

So that is why I am doing this. I have been on the receiving side, so I understand those struggles.

All donations go directly to the EFA, if donated via the link on the ROE Blog.

OK well thank you for reading this. I would appreciate you helping me to spread the word. Hey if you help promote the ROE project, then I will run 1 of your training miles for you! Deal? ;)

Enjoy your evening... 3 posts in 1 day is crazy!

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I'm inspired. Saw your post on FAST and found my way here. Its 90 out and I'm going for my Check your athlinks.