Aug 29, 2007

A mini-reverse brick for Wednesday.

Today ws a scheduled 7 miles Tempo Run (1 each warm up and cool down, 5 at tempo).

LMAO... *clears throught*... errrr... sorry about the hysterical laughter there. It is tough to see what is scheduled now just 8 weeks out from Detroit knowing that I have no shoes, so any serious running is out of the picture until Friday.

In lieu of 7 miles Tempo, I did the next best thing. I ran 1.5 miles on the dreadmill, followed by spinning class (FREAKING EH!), then a nice back/bicep workout ending with a nice stretch. I love stretching at the end of 1.5 hour multi-sport/activity workout.

Now it is storming like crazy out, and I feel wonderful knowing that I burned some major calories tonight. I did not do 7 miles at tempo, but I did kick some butt. My own.

It is a celebration because just a few short hours ago I was at work, sitting at my desk thinking about heading home and nixing today's workout. I got into my car when it was quitting time, and all of a sudden I find myself at Bally's. Apparently my body knew that not working out was not an option. So for that I am greatful. For my feet, I am not. OUCH. Only 48 hours until I have my new kicks.

I am so like a kid when it comes to equipment. Even for just shoes or socks I get excited. I am anxiouly awaiting the day when I replace my stolen bike. I may actually pee myself that day out of pure excitement. *giggles* But it is cool to pee your pants, so I'll be aiiiight.

It is all downhill to the weekend... my first 10 miler since 8/12, new kicks, and a bachelorette party.

Somedays I love life!

~})i({~ Runner Girl


Shauna said...

I don't think life can get much better than all that!

Gotta love new shoes--but I get just as tickled w/ the specially designed socks. Prior to a year ago I actually thought all socks were created equally! LOL

You are so strong! Stay tenacious! Shauna

TNTcoach Ken said...

Okay RunnerGirl, we need to re-think what cool is! I too enjoy new equipment and the anxiety to use it whenever I get something.

Marcy said...

Nice new look you've got going on ;D

I'm the same way with the new equipment. It's like Christmas LOL