Oct 31, 2007

Premature? I will soon find out!

No. I did not sign up for an ultramarathon or an Ironman. I am silly... not crazy!

I have decided that I am going to start participating in my tri club's Saturday swims.

I hope that it is not premature. I can breath, yes, but I can not really sustain major lappage at this point. :) I hope that it will be a nice "go at your own pace" type of practice, but I will find out this Saturday bright and early at 7AM. *gulp* I am used to getting up early to run... this is going to be a whole new thing for me.

What no more martini's on a Friday night? No Jenn. No more. *packs the champange, pear juice, and Belvedere away* (And yes I make mine with champagne. Call it the RG twist.)

In the pool today I got to thinking as I always do when I am putting my body into new and potentially over-my-head situations, why on earth can I not do more than 1/2 lap at a time? Shouldn't I be able to do at least 1 complete lap without stopping at the end of the pool?

The more I thought about this, the more I realized that swimming IS just like running. In the early stages at least. I did not start off whipping out miles like they were going out of fashion. I started off by running a few seconds (60) then walking for a bit. Then like a good shampooing, I repeated. Every go I would try to increase the running and shorten the walking until I made it to non-stop running euphoria. Well, OK. Maybe not euphoria per say... but pretty close for this at-the-time couch potato.

Should swimming be any different? Is it not the same process of building endurance?

I worked hard at running straight through my first mile. And that was the SWEETEST mile ever ran by yours truly.

Should I approach my base-building adventures the same way? Start off by doing 25's... making it my goal to be able to do 50's by Thanksgiving? Then work my way up to 100's and on?

It sounds completely logical to me. But... it still beggs to be asked - is that right?

*scratches head*

I am going with yes.

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