Aug 28, 2007

Random Thoughts for Tuesday, DWD Volunteer update, and shoe porn!

Every Tuesday I post the random thoughts I have as they pertain to running, training, nutrition, and whatever else pops into my head. Hence the title, Random Thoughts. I am quite, in case you have not realized, random. But I get the job done!

Continuing on with my trend of random thoughts:

  • I really need to start being more serious. Nutrition. Training. Selfconfidence. The whole enchilada. I love running. I like being active. So why is it that I give up so easily? That is a personal growth thing. I need to start with realizing that I may just have the power and talent to do well at this thing I have chosen to do. I am still assuming that I will be last in all of my tris next year. I am going into this knowing that I have a LONG way to go on the swim and biking portions, but who is to say that I will not rock at them both? I mean come on... I have power in these legs. Maybe I will be a biking superstar! I am still thinking that I am going to pull a 3-hour half at Detroit. My goal is 2:40. My goals are pretty reasonable, and I know that I can do it. I have done it before. Many times. I used to be able to pull out a hilly 2:39 at a half with little effort or traianing. Why am I "settling" for slacking? Grr. MAJOR frustration point here. I need to start reaffirming myself. If I set a goal at 2:40 and finish in say 2:45 or 2:50, will anyone laugh at me? Not at all. They would cheer my victory of finishing. Period. So why am I afraid to succeed STILL. At least I have realized tht I have this fear still, and that my goal for the rest of the year is to get the heck over it already. I can succeed at things. I WILL succeed at this.

  • Want to know why my runs as of late have sucked? It is not my commitment to the event. It is not my motivation or mental withdrawal. It is in fact my shoes. EVERY pair is shot. I have been trying to get a few meger miles out of my old Asics, but alas - RIP. We all know that I laid to rest my Mizuno Wave Rider 9's a few weeks ago. So for the rest of this week I am stuck with my 5K only NB's (a little to small for long runs, but fine for 4 miles and under) until I got to the store Friday and pick up my shiny new shoes. Shoe porn to follow.

  • The Dances With Dirt Hell, MI crew (which I am now a very proud member of!) is the CRAZIEST event group I have ever had the previledge of meeting. I cannot even begin to tell you the fun we are going to have come 9/8. Mouse, who is running it again this year, watch out girlie. Good times await you!

  • Sour cream angel food cake rocks. FYI.

  • And here is my shoe porn for you all. Plese refrain from drooling directly on the uppers. I prefer dry feet.

I hope tht you all are having a good start to your week. Tomorrow is humpday, so we are that much closer to the weeked. AKA our long runs!

})i({ Runner Girl


Ian said...

Those are some mighty fine looking Mizuno's. I own a pair of the Wave Alchemys and I love them.

TNTcoach Ken said...

I'm not sure but I think some of the DWD volunteers are Motown/Ann Arbor Hashers, so you'll have fun. Be ready for a longgggggggggg day!