Jul 18, 2006

What is life?

While having some time off from activities due to toe-issues (actually found out that it was not broken afterall - phew! - just badly sprained), I had an epiphany of the most obvious type.

Two Saturdays ago we went to the Holly Recreational Areawith some friends to have a nice picnic. We ended up staying for 6 hours and playing all sorts of games, picking berries, walking through some nature trails, and admiring the awesomeness of nature.

While picnicing, we saw some people with an inflatable boat set sail on the lake. I knew right then I would have one of these boats... but decided to try an Intex Inflatable Boat (4 Person) of lesser cost first to see how often we would use such a device.

While I am awaiting the delivery of my new toy (we have NO space for a solid or rigid hull boat, so inflatables will have to be it for now!) I decided this past Sunday to go to Kensington Metropark, one of the most beautiful and entertaining place in Michigan to go.

I rollerbladed on the Hike/Bike trails for one mile, and then drove around to view docking areas, foot paths for the nature center, the two beaches on Kent Lake, as well as to see all the 26 or so picnic areas to offer.

It was this coupled with a recent personal transition of work for my amazing boyfriend, that I realized what life is. Life is what we make of it.

You may be given a poor situation, but your outlook on life makes all the difference. Sure, you may be unhappy in one area of your life, home, work, etc., but I personally believe that if you examine these areas, the connectivity between them is amazing.

I am at a positionin my life where I am happy in every area - work, home, family, friends. But this was not always the case. Mostly in the work area I was very UNhappy.

I realize that I work to live, not live to work, and that these Metroparks and all the beauty we have around us is here for us to enjoy.

This past Friday my boyfriend and I took a drive into Detroit, and to Belle Isle. I am actually ashamed to admit that I never have been to Belle Isle prior to this trip, and missed the opportunity to partake in the Aquarium, because they shut it down last year due to lack of interest and high cost to sustain.

I will not miss out on anymore things this state has to offer - that this life has to offer.

I am going to start enjoying the lakes, on my new raft natch, the beaches, the hidden treasures all around me. I bought an annual pass to the metroparks, and intend on using it constantly!

NO MORE EXCUSES - if I am not happy in one area, atleast I have nature to nurture my wounds.

And I hope that by getting out and enjoying the beauty around us, my boyfriend will too see that we work to live, and this life is ours to take hold of and enjoy - regardless of the things going on in our working lives.

Hopefully he will be as inspired as I am and want to escape to our own personal wonderland right out our front door.

I am having issues posting pictures for some reason - otherwise you would see the beauty!

Well - whatever you are doing, enjoy life and reap the benifits of it. Nature is here to nurture us!



Anonymous said...

This is a good post and you bring up some excellent points to ponder. I would also go so far as to say you are one very lucky woman to be happy in all areas of your life.....I would love to feel the same way, hopefully it will happen.


Jenniferlyn said...

G -

I think that it is possible for sure! I am greatful for everything I have in my life, and lord knows I have not always been happy.

I have really struggled in my lifetime. I feel great that I am finally in this place.

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