Jul 25, 2006

And for all of you who thought that I was crazy...

This article is about the World's longest race - 3,100 miles.

That is the distance from NY to LA. But the people who run this race decide to circle a block in Queens - for 2 months!!!!! The run all day, only stopping to sleep from Midnight to 6AM - where they do it all over again. Many run 2 marathons to 60 miles a day.

So for all of you who think my goals of 25 half-marathons in the next 7 years (will have 9 down by end of 2006 BTW) is crazy - please remember that the distance I have ran in my lifetime - yes my LIFETIME - is just over 1/3 of that race.

I am not crazy! Well - for the running reasons at least. **smile**

So run on - you crazy diamond.

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Anonymous said...

Are you familiar with Stu Mittleman (Slow Burn author and runner extraordinare!!). He actually ran across America at one point, but he is all about doing it slow and relaxed. I did a post about his book on Veggies, he actually provided a comment, I was thrilled) will include the link if I can find it fast (just running out the door!!!) Cheers, G

PS I guess you already read this one, you commented on the post, for your readers or to re-read though: