Jul 10, 2006


So there I was on a 5-mile trail run... zooming past the trees and bugs, running up and down the tormenting hills of southeast Michigan when it happened. A crazed animal started after me. I lost focus and in my fury of trying to get away from the certainly rabid beast, I broke my toe!

I love to start out this post with that story because it sounds so much more grand that what really happened. Swap out the "5-mile trail run" for "folding laundry", the "rabid beast" for a "misplaced 5# dubmbell", and then you have the truth.

I was actually folding laundry in my living room, and on a trip in with a full basket, hit my pinkie toe on a misplaced 5# dumbell (how appropriate, the irony is not lost on me by the way... I am blonde now, so I guess it fits) and broke it! It is swollen, purple, and in a LOT of pain.

I can barely move it and walking is a gas for everyone watching, however not so much for me. I believe the title is appropriate. "Ut-oh" is the realization I had last when discussing the issue with my boyfriend. Ut-oh is the feeling you get when you are less a mere 40 odd days away from running a 10 mile race, and are in the beginning stages of training.

Ut-oh is the next two-weeks which can put me in the 8- or 5-k, instead of my goal of the 10 miler in the Crim. Ut-oh can mean my race. So now I will be strength-training and running in water as not to hurt the already broken toe. This should allow me to keep on my goals while allowing the toe to heal. I just hope it heals quickly!

So, dear friends, I leave you with this thought - beware the dumbells - as they are fighting back! -Limpinggirl

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Anonymous said...

Hope your poor toe is better soon...Ouch!!! G