Jul 25, 2006

Getting burned!

As Hewie Lewis says - Gonna get a new drug, gonna get a new car... for me however, it is a new boat!

I decided to live life and enjoy this State, per a recent post, so last week I took delivery of a shiny new 4-person 11' boat. I spent literally ALL weekend on Kent Lake near the GM Milford Proving Grounds. Saturday with my boyfriend and Sunday with a dear friend, Rachel.

We had a blast - basking in the sun, playing random card games (Fluxx is a GREAT game btw - check it out!)and having a nice picnic. I also ended up with pretty bad sunburn two days in a row! Now that takes both talent and pure stupidity. The first day was due to lack of SPF, the second day was due to being on the water for 5 hours. That will do it to you!

I left the motor off of the boat, and rowed it both days - although day 1 I was clueless and my gracious boyfriend had to row a bit for me to show me the ropes!

The exercise I got rowing is by no mean a replacement for strengthtraining or running, but those two items will come back to play today. :) It is raining, so tomorrow I am heading to Bally's for some serious ST, my Pilates class, as well as a few miles in the AM. I have to put my Garmin to use again!
So on my personal agenda is the following:
August 6th - see my Aunt and Uncle from CO

August 9th - Fiona Apple in Detroit
August 10-11th - Off from work for Birthday celebrations
August 11th - Baby Anne at Bleu for my b-day
August 17-18th - Chicago for work, hoping to hook up with friends
August 19th - Woodward Dream Cruise, lunch with friends, and party at Rach's afterwards
August 26th - The 30th running of the CRIM - I choose 5k because of the toe as mentioned before - although it is now healed to a point where I can run again, safety is better than being sorry. Plus a few friends are running it as well, so I figured I would run with them! GO AVA! GO SANDRA! GO JESSICA! GO RACH! And I will be cheering on Sandy and Mara on the 10 miler.
Labor Day Weekend - Chicago for Pure Nation with Matt, Shar, and Mr. Meat
September 24th - Run for Scleroderma, Northville MI
October 1st - Chicago Half-Marathon, hanging out with friends (aka the cheerleaders)
October 29th - Freep Half, Detroit

And weekly I participate in 3-days a week strength training, as well as 3 days a week running. And as in the bible, on the 7th day I rest and contemplate the wonderful things around me.

WOW - that is busy, eh? Nope. That is life!

So more about getting burned. That is a nasty side effect of enjoying the summer. Lakes, biking, running, walking, even just milling about the pool.

In running you must remember to evaluate what is going on during the run, just like how in sunning you must reapply the lotion/block. In running I take the "block" literal as well as mental. If you forget the sunblock you get burned physically... if you forget to block out the negative thoughts, you get burned mentally.

Enjoy life, stay cool, and always remember to block out the sun as well as those negativities!

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