Nov 16, 2014

The internal compass.

I posted a blogpost over on my Ironman blog about how I am changing it up a bit this year.

In it I describe my desire to stop defining myself by my physical accomplishments and to start defining myself by my passion for life and my ambition.  There is some similarity in being an Ironman triathlete and being a driven, focused person. It is hard to accomplish the Ironman without purpose, drive and desire to work hard for it.  Some manage, but not many.  And some attempt it but do not accomplish it.

I realize that this same passion and drive is what makes life enjoyable.  It also serves as a reminder that if I am not feeling something, it is best to just move on and not push myself through an unhappy time just for the sake of saying that I did it.

I think that this applies to many things in our lives.  We put ourselves through events without passion or even real desire to work for it, only to say that we did it.

There is no fun in that and honestly no one cares what we do or what we do not do.

In living an authenticlife, we must follow our internal compass.  If it makes us happy and we feel a light inside us when we think about the activity then it is a good thing and the right choice.  If we feel sick, obligated, or tight in our stomachs when we think about the activity or putting time into getting ready for it , then it is not the right thing for us at that moment.

Good things can turn into bad things and vice versa.

When we stop checking in on our internal compass, that is when we find ourselves down a path of unhappy.

So what are you doing today in your life to get on a path to happy?

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Varun sharma said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I really like your post.