Aug 3, 2009

A long overdue update from RunnerGirl. I am alive and well!

I've got my running mojo back y'all! I am in so much pain today that I have learned a very valuable lesson.

Run so it doesn't hurt any more. For, it is when I quit running that it hurts. ;)

I was afraid to get back into running after not being where I know I should be for so long. Now I know that I have not really regressed but somehow made progress. I managed to be able to pull a good run out after all this time. I hurt but it is a good hurt.

I am excited to go out for another run. I have missed that excitement. I have felt stagnant for so long that I needed change of pace. That change came with runnin gwith someone again. I am a competent runner solo, but when I can just follow my body and run with soemoen who is faster than I am, it helps me harden up and see what I can relally pull out.

I have realized that I need to work on the following things. These are my lessons learned after 6 years of running. You would think that a girl who has ran 16 half marathons, 3 fulls, and countless 5, 10, and 15k's would know how to run by now. NOPE!

1. Consistency in running. Near daily if I can manage it. Nothing crazy, just base building mileage - 2-3 miles a day, 5-6 days a week minimum.

2. Go longer, smarter. Increase weekly long runs by 1 mile every two weeks or so until the half, then keep runs at the 10k - half mary distance to vary it up.

3. Run in the AM. I miss this one. I used to love getting up early and running into the sunrise. I bore witness to many amazing things that you just do not see during the day/early evening. Bonus fo rme, if work craziness gets in the way, I already have at least one workout completed. I will keep swimming and biking after work.

4. Keep running long even after the races end. I tend to just stop all activity mid-October after Detroit. I am always building back up the same base mileage come January - why not have the base built and work on speed for once?!

5. Limit myself to the half marathon/HIM distance in 2010, and work on getting way faster at the 5k. I am going to stave off going any longer than 13.1 for a while. After the talk with Danger Ranger yesterday, I have too many goals - too many wants. I need to pick one (or two?... three?) and go for it. So -2010 is the year of half ironman early - and then speed speed speed at the 5k, and half marathon levels. Marathon can wait until after I hit sub-10 minute miles in a half.

So my plan for this year is to nail solid sub-2:30s at US AF, Brooksie Way, and Woodstock Half Marathons. in 2010 - I want to go 2:20.

I would like to be in the 10 minute mile range for my longer runs and sub-10 for shorter distances. 2010 is the year of speedwork!!!

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