Jun 25, 2009

Triceratops Triathlon Results

1st off - it was HOT last night! 94 degrees, 90% humidity. With that being said, I completed the first tri of my 2009 season.

Last week was rough for me personally. My mother was rushed to the ER with heart failure at 1AM on 6/14... the AM of what was supposed to be my first Oly tri.

Needless to say, I spent all week up in Sagniaw at St. Mary's of Michigan by her side while she was in CCU.

Mom had a pacemaker in yesterday, and now we are just trying to figure out how this all happened.

I did the race last night as a fun little something, and a way to blow off steam. I think I was in more steam than I was able to blow off. WOW.

0.5 mile swim: SWAM IT!!! 22:47 2:37 / 100 yards

Felt good, quicker than last year's first OWS without a wetsuit, but slower on the same course. Heat possibly? Or maybe my lack of swimming as of late!

T1 time - 1:28. Felt like 3 minutes

11.8 mile bike: NAILED IT!!! 38:44 18.28 mph

T2 time - 1:39 Felt more like 5.

3.1 mile run: WALKED IT!!! 45:18 14:37/mile

OMFG.... Had an asthma attack at the start of the run, then walked the run portion. Not too shabby for walking and not breathing.

I need to invest in a nice water belt. NEEDED MORE WATER!

It was AWESOME seeing Dave, Kristen, Trish, Smoke, xcourtx, MSUDan, and the others! I missed my BT Rawk Squaders this past spring!!!!! I love you all!



chia said...

Many prayers for your mama! Hope all is well.

Sun Runner said...

I was volunteering at the event! I was on the run portion of the course, at that mess of an area where the run exited the parking lot, there was an aid station and a path to the grass parking area. There were a lot of people hat tried to run into the grassy parking area. I was hot as hell and I was just standing there pointing and directing traffic! Congrats on slogging it out through the heat to finish the event!!