Jul 23, 2008

State of the State.

Hello my fine friends!

Once again I went a little MIA on everyone, eh? Yeah time flies when you are living on airplanes and the bike. :)

I completed my 3rd triathlon this past Sunday. And it rocked! Clark Lake is the best triathlon that I have ever witnessed or participated in. Holy cow!

Pre Race
I drove out to Ann Arbor and hung with Lana the night before hand. Clark Lake is a haul from my place, and Lana is right on the way so she was kind enough to let me crash!

We woke up at 5AM and drove to the race site. It was the BEST trip out ever. Rocking out to Jock Jams sorta rules.


Dude. Just sayin!

Got my number, bib, and shirt. Assembled my bike - seat and wheel - and considered asking Tom Demerly of Bikesport Michigan fame for a job since I feel so comfy around my bike now. Lana brought me back to reality - fixing a dropped chain and assembling a seat post does not qualify one to be a bike mech. Got it.

After staging my transition area, we headed down to the lake so I could attempt my first ever open water swim without a wetsuit. Oh yeah - suprise! It had been so hot recently that the water temp was 78*. This smarty had not bothered practicing swimming in her tri clothes without a wetsuit... oh... like... ever.... so I was left with doing a quick 50m swim the morning of the race to see how things would pan out.

Hmmm, can you say pail? Because my top made a much better bucket than a drag-free piece of apparel. Lesson learned! I just prayed that I would not flash people upon my exit.

Swimming with the fishies

After our wave started off pretty late, I made my way quickly to the first turn bouy. I was doing great and nearly past the second turn bouy before the lead 40+ male swimmer passed me. It was on the return that I had issues. I could sight no problem... but I started to sight to a boat instead of the shore. Oooopsy! My 1/2 mile swimm ended up bien gcloser to 900M by the end of the day.

But here is the kicker. Major drag on the clothes, plus swimming an additional 150m or so - and I still chopped 3 minutes off of my Ann Arbor swim, which was the same distance!


I even ran all the way into transition.


T1 flew by! Aside from the typical LONG run up to transition, I was able to put on my bike shoes and gear very quickly. I have this DOWN!

I even ran my bike to the mount line. *giggles*

Rollin' Rolllin' Rollin'

Can you say gently rolling "hills" a little wind and a killer chick on a bike? I averaged over 18mph on the bike! The course was actually 13.4 miles long, according to both my computer and the race director, however the results show 13 miles. Oh well. Either way - I felt really good on the bike.

I was reserved though. I did not go all out because this was the first course that I did not at least drive the day before hand. I had no idea what was comming and thoughts of Ann Arbor flashed into my head with every little upswing. Do I go balls to the wall? I would ask myself No... you don't know what is coming. I would answer.

I know that I could have really pushed and got upwards of high 19's, but I was estatic with my performance. My goal was 16.5mph. I kicked that to the curb!

There was a guy that passed me about 6.5 miles into the ride. He yelled that he had been chasing me the entire time... and now it was my time to catch his booty.

OK buddy it is on - welcome to this round of PACE BOOTY! I held his 9 for a while before I found the right spot to take off. And I passed him like he was standing still. Unfortunately for me - about 3 miles later he would return the favor. Well played my friend, well played!

I got to the dismount line, hopped off and ran all the way to my rack.


I ran into pace booty again in transition and racked my bike, threw on my shoes, and headed out to the run faster than he could even manage to rack his bike. Sweet!

Running from the law

1/4 mile into the run PB passed me again. I told him that I was waiting for him. I am afterall a slower runner than these people. The swim and bike are my equalizers... the run. Well I am just slow by their standards. But I am fine with that for now.

I ran my first mile in 11:43. I was taking it easy and getting back my running legs. I wanted to catch up to Lana because I knew she was out there somewhere and couldn't be that far ahead of me. I saw her right after mile 1, and I set my goal on catching up with her to run the rest of the way with her.

This run was 4 miles long and I knew that I could average 11 minute miles, but I figured that running with Lana whom I have been training with for MONTHS was more important. I cought her and we ran together the rest of the way. Mile 2 was 11:08, Mile 3 and 4 were mis marked so my splits are bonkers.

We ran to the last portion of the race, Trixie was waiting for us and ran with us for a bit - Lana took off like a bat outta hell, and we finished within seconds of each other.

It was hot. Humid. And fun! people were cheering from their homes, kids where watering us down with hoses... the cumminity really gets behind this race and it shows.

I felt like a rock star out there. I loved this race.

So here are the numbers:
Time 22m 50s
Dist. 880.00 yards
Pace 02m 35s /100 yards

T1 - 2:44

Time 43m 38s
Dist. 13.4 miles
Pace 18.43 Mi/hr

T2 - 1:41

Time 48m 50s
Dist. 4.00 miles
Pace 12m 13s/Mi

TOTAL 1:59:42. My goal was to finish in under 2 hours!

So far I am very comfortable with the sprint distance. Not that I am good or anything, but I can comfortably perform at this distance with no real training. I say this because my base endurance level is perfect for this distance which is awesome because I am still seeing improvements with no additional training!

I am going to finish up this season with sprints - I have another 4 tris and 1 duathlon scheduled, in addition to my 2 Half Marathons in October. After Detroit wraps up I am turning my focus to building a better endurance base... we are talking movin gup to the medium and long courses in 2009.

I am going to start off next season with an opening triathlon, more than likely Ann Arbor again, then focus on Olys in the start, and my goal race will be my very first HIM.

I am going to do either Timberland in New Hampshire, Steelhead in Michigan, or Muskoka in Canada. I am letting my tri club decide, but so far it looks like we are New Hampshire bound!

So April 1, 2009 starts my 20 week HIM training plan.

I am nervous but feel that this is definitely within my reach! With the amazing support system that I have in my life, and the great training plan that I have, the only thing that can stop me from achieving this is myself. I can run the half marathon, I can swim the 1.2 miles, I can bike the 56. I have plenty of time to put it all together.

Onward and upward my friends!


Melissa said...

WOO HOO!!! Congrats on a great race! :-)

(BunnyB on BT)

Alili said...

Great job out there! It really is a fun course. You are rocking that sprint distance and it sounds like you have a solid plan to get you to your first HIM. Way to go!

chia said...

Brilliant showing there Jenn, I love it!

Unknown said...

Nice job, Jenn!

SM said...

AWesome job on the tri!!!!! My first is in 3 weeks! oh how far we have come!!!!!