Jul 8, 2008

Back in the saddle again!

I am back! Sunday I did a little 5K on the treadmill in 33:20. Pretty good!

Do you know what they call people person who runs in a thunderstorm?

Jennifer and or Lana.

Because that is what we did tonight.

We had a nice little run with sub-11 minute miles baby! Mostly in the rain, part trail, part sidewalk, all fun. So this makes two runs in a row that I did sub 11-minute miles consistently. I feel good that my treadmil run was close to my actual street run. This was on a course that I am usually a good solid 12+ minute miles on. Today I ran faster, with more humidity (100% lol) higher temps, and rain. My fitness is definitely improving!

The bike was slow as there were only three of us out there and I had cranked out a good run. Took it really easy heading out for just shy of 9 miles, then on the return got hit with headwinds and a few gentle upwards slopes (not really hills) and decided to keep my speed up around 17mph if possible. I did it, and still averaged just shy of 16mph for the entire 17+ mile long ride.

I am back!


})i({ RG - Running sub-11's like there is no tomorrow!


chia said...

That's some hawt 5k action mate :-D!!!!!! I don't know how you can stand a treadmill that long - I would have fallen asleeps!

All terrain kick assery at its best as well ;-).

SM said...

Treadmill 5k...I give you props for that.

Faithful Soles said...

5K on the treadmill is gold medal material in my book. I'll contact my people in Beijing to see if you can get in the Treadmill 5K for the Olympics. Great run in the rain as well (I'd have chickened out because I have a SERIOUS lightning phobia).

Doug said...

Clark Lake?