Jul 8, 2008

Back in the saddle again!

I am back! Sunday I did a little 5K on the treadmill in 33:20. Pretty good!

Do you know what they call people person who runs in a thunderstorm?

Jennifer and or Lana.

Because that is what we did tonight.

We had a nice little run with sub-11 minute miles baby! Mostly in the rain, part trail, part sidewalk, all fun. So this makes two runs in a row that I did sub 11-minute miles consistently. I feel good that my treadmil run was close to my actual street run. This was on a course that I am usually a good solid 12+ minute miles on. Today I ran faster, with more humidity (100% lol) higher temps, and rain. My fitness is definitely improving!

The bike was slow as there were only three of us out there and I had cranked out a good run. Took it really easy heading out for just shy of 9 miles, then on the return got hit with headwinds and a few gentle upwards slopes (not really hills) and decided to keep my speed up around 17mph if possible. I did it, and still averaged just shy of 16mph for the entire 17+ mile long ride.

I am back!


})i({ RG - Running sub-11's like there is no tomorrow!

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