Jul 29, 2008

Grooving along into the happy place.

I did a nice 5K run tonight. I had to bail on the brick due to work conflicts, but I still managed the run portion.

Click here for the low-down.

My pace is improving, but better yet I am feeling stronger. I am finding my groove. You know, that internal groove that you just go along with and follow and hope that it leads you to the happy place.

Well my groove is definitely leading me to the happy place!

I talked to our VP of cycling, Jaret, tonight at dinner and asked him about HIM training. Time. Volume. Planning.

Those are going to be the golden rules for my HIM plan in 2009. Time. Volume. Planning.

I am getting really excited to push for something this big. In one way I feel sort of weird going from zero to HIM in two seasons. But I can do it. I will have 6 triathlons under my belt this season alone. Some of them have been pretty difficult - Ann Arbor anyone?

Next season I am going to have a few C races - sprints and early season tris that are just going to be there for training fun, then a B race - an oly about 4-5 weeks prior to Timberman, and the big show - what all of this is heading towards... my A race. My 70.3 miles of endurance, fun, and strategy.

I am glad to see that HIM training is as much mental as physical. I like that. I am all about the mental training. The total athlete. I think that you can half ass a sprint or even an Oly triathlon - but a HIM takes something from deep inside you to complete happily.

I am so excited for this off season. I am going to really work swimming and running, with an occasional drainer ride to keep my legs in check.

I am also very excited for the two half marathons I have in October! I am ready to focus on running again, so with that I have decided to make Island Lake of Novi triathlon on 8/17 my last triathlon of 2008. I wish I lived somewhere were I could do these year round.

Oh well! There is always Florida!

Well folks, I am of to beddy bye. I feel good, well fed, and am ready to sleep so I can dream sweet dreams. :)

Have a wonderful eve all!

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Unknown said...

You can so do it! Nice job on the 5K.

chia said...

Ann Arbor continues to hand my ass to me every time I run out there.

You can so do a HIM next year :-). Go for it!