Jan 1, 2008

A new year...a new you?

Is it really 2008 already? What? How did that happen?
It is amazing how quickly time flies by. Days pass like seconds now. A week is a blink. A month - just a moment. Whatever happened to the days of childhood when summer vacation lasted forever, and years seemed to just stretch out into oblivion?
Back when I never had expectations of the upcomming year. Back before I had even heard of resolutions. When exactly did these concepts come into my life? Hmmm... completely evades me. But now, that is the status quo... resolutions, reflections, change, new year new you... blah blah blah.
Why does it take the changing of a calendar to spark a change in person?

So I wonder... how did I stack up to my expecations in 2007?


I guess I really did not put much thought into what I had expected out of the year. I figured that a whole year can lead to so many accomplishments, weight loss (for good), faster split times, PRs at all 4 of my half-marathons. You know... the typical.

But then the year unfolded. I lost 20lbs, gained all but 7 of it back. *awesome* I gained speed then got injured resulting in many a lack-luster runs. My 4 Half's manifested into 2 completed... the first with much pain due to lack of preparation, the second with much pain due to lack of preparation. You know... the typical.

So this year I am doing something different. I made a little book. I call it "The 2008 Inspire me book."

Over the past few days I have been reflecting on where I fall short in what I want to do and be. Laziness honestly is my downfall. I am very active, but given a chance to relax - it is on. So, I found words, phrases, and pictures in magazines and print that express how I see myself. I put them all in a book, sort of like a collage, and that is my inspire me book. Whenever I feel that I am falling short, I look at things that inspire me and the words I wrote down to remind me to keep my head and heart in it.

I did make a few resolutions, but they are more like reminders to stay true to myself and my goals.

  1. To present myself every day as I wish others to see me.
  2. To finally lose the weight (60 lbs total by 12.31.08) by healthy eating and... well obviously exercising!
  3. To train with my heart in it. 500 miles ran, 100 miles swam, and 1,000 miles rode by 12.31.08
  4. To give my job and my schooling the dedication and respect they deserve (i.e. balance in life between home, school, work, and fitness)

So - who out there makes resolutions? What are yours?

I hope that everyone out there stays safe and has a wonderful 2008! Remember - we hold the key to happiness within ourselves. There are no limits to what we can do, all it takes is the desire and the dedication to put in the time. :o)

})i({ RunnerGirl


Unknown said...

Sound like a good resolutions.

Mike said...

Happy New Year!

Pat said...

I know you'll have a wonderful 08. You might want to read some older comments on your blog and include them for inspiration.

and next time you get to Arizona, let me know so you can join our running group for the day.

Run For Life said...

That's a great idea about the book! I also like your "stay true to yourself" goals. Cheers :)

Stuart said...

With you all the way!

Here's to a great '8!

Runner Susan said...

Good resolutions Runner Girl. I'd like to lose 20 lbs and run at least 2 marathons in 2008.

Jess said...

Those look like great resolutions! Happy new year!

SM said...

Happy New Year and as for 2008....I want to really focus on training, being true to myself and giving it all I have when I race in my first triathlon.

Xena said...

Where on earth do you have 60 pounds to lose from???

P.O.M. said...

Happy new year. Those are great goals and definately reachable!