May 3, 2008

I won 3rd in Athena group!

I guess that I should have stayed for the awards... I won 3rd in my group today!

My finisher's shirt

The official finish time at the Willow Duathlon was 1:53:44:

  • Run 1 (5K) - 33:36 (10:49 average pace)
  • Transition 1 (run to bike) - 1:35
  • Bike (20K) - 43:16 (16.7 miles per hour average)
  • Tranistion 2 (bike to run) - 1:10
  • Run 2 (5K/3.1 miles) - 34:13 (11:01 average pace)

Total time: 1:53:44

Sweet T on the rack

Athena 3rd place - and if I raced age group, I would have been 3rd in the 30-34 age group as well!

Pretty cool! I am really happy that I did this. I know that I could have gone harder on the bike, but had no idea what that would have done to my run. My goal for the next month is to hammer on the bike and try some speed work on my running. Swimming will just have to be the slow sport!

The cool thing is - I found out that I don't suck on the bike. In fact it was a lot of fun! I made up a lot of time on the cycle leg, and completed it in under 45 minutes which was my goal.

The funny thing is that I had been focusing on 33/45/35 all week long - my goal times for each leg. I actually met them and came in faster on the bike. For a first multisport event this was a great experience. I finished strong and happy and feel so much less worry about my tri in June.

My age group - 30-34 YO's. I raced Athena instead

After the race I went to Lana's house in AA and got ready to head out to the grand opening of the new REI in AA. I got a $30 gift card and since I am a co-op member I got 20% off any full priced item of my choice. Guess what I got?

Sweet T is now officially ready for some serious riding!

Sweet T with her fancy new Aerobars and Aerodrink system

I love it! I also got a new tri top (tank style, not jersey style) which will rock under my wetsuit. I am measuring myself this weekend and will order it Monday. I hope to get it before May 30th, because I have my first open water swim that weekend and want to try it out.

I feel like I ran a half marathon in tiredness, but not soreness. I love cycling for that exact reason! Tomorrow I will go out for a recovery ride - 20 miles or so at a slow pace. I decided against driving all the way back down to Willow for the Metrogrand 20/40/60 mile tour due to gas prices etc., so I nice loca recovery will be perfect.

Well I wanted to thank all of you that have cheered me on during the past few months of training. :) Thank you!

Keep running,

})i({Runnergirl Jenn AKA Duathlete Jenn.

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