Apr 30, 2008

Flat tire karma?



Two flat tires on my bike in three days.

Karma say what?

I went out today and bought some new tires to help better protect my tubes. I ended up dropping $40 on tires that I could have gotten for $18 if I had actually put in my order before I needed them. Oh yeah - I work for Continental Corporation, the parent company of the well known tire company and 1 preferred bike tire manufacturer... or so I am constantly told as I ride around on whatever thin-assed walled non-Continental tires that came with my OCR1w. SO I can get them direct from Continental at cost, or pay retail - in this situation I had to pay retail as I needed them ASAP. Poor planning on my part. OK - pure lazyness.

While I was at it at the bike store - I got a pair of tri shorts. I also decided to get a pair of bike shorts.

Aaaaaaand since I got new tires and the shop decided to not charge me labor or for the replacement tube, I purchased two additional tubes, three CO2 cartidges, a multi tool, a CO2 valve kit, and what the heck - new biking gloves to match my bike. I stopped short of buying a new helmet - because I want one that matches, however they did not have the one I wanted. I am a matching dork. If you have run with me then you are aware of my clothes fetishes... one must look good while running.exercising. No doubt. Physical activity is still mental!

It is scary how quickly $250 can fly outta your hands. 25 minutes to be exact.

What is even more scary - I loved every minute of it.


Why? Because now I am now fully prepared for Willow. I am confident and in just a little over 2.5 days time I will offically be a duathlete.

The best thing is that as of this morning, I am not even close to being worried about the race anymore. I am ready. I am going to take my time and enoy it - no need for burning-out-too-soon speed on the first 5K... just take my time and enjoy the race! It is only a training session anyways, so I am fine with whatever happens! And to top it off - Mike is going to be there cheering me on, and means the world to me.

After the race I am going to go with Lana-bananarama to REI for their Ann Arbor grand opening, and then relax at home with Mike.

Sunday I am on for the Metrogrand, but am on the fence as to which ride I should do - the 20 miler or the 40 miler. I really enjoyed the 40 mile AA to Chelsea last weekend, so it would be nice to do that length again - this time flat with no hills. Hmmm... what a great opportunity to try out my new shorts. ;)

After this weekend's du I am going to start focusing on the swim portion more. How on earth did I go from living in the water to barely eeking out 2 hours of pool time a week?

My latest excitment will be trying out wetsuits. Man oh man.. I am glad that I can afford this hobby otherwise I'd be in big trouble!

So all in all my nerves have been tested and beaten, and I am feeling better for it.

Aside from the flat tire, I rocked out the brick tuesday night. I finally taught my legs to run tired off of hill-beaten legs, and I even manged a fst training 5K at sub 12 minute miles. For an easy effor ton tired legs, on trails - this was pretty good.

Here are some pics from my Tuesday night brick/flat tire fest. I have to mention that my friend Doug has been a huge help to me as well - especially good at waiting on the side of the road for Lana in her zoom-zoom car with me, when I get a flat. He's good peeps!

Lana and I pre super kick butt brick workout. Lana rocks. She likes blue. Her car, helmet, bike, clothes... yeah she matches. lol

Lest you think I was kidding you. Lana was a trooper - she was cold and sick, but still kicked ass on the run!

And this whole time I thought that the plural of 'goose' was 'sheep'. $5 to anyone who can tell me which show that comes from - Christina I am sure that you know this! "Freaking sweet!"

Especially when there is actually no ice. Be careful of this imaginary solid. Even the goose thinks that it is rediculous.

Fun time! And this is what I stretched out to afterwards...

How can you possibly say that there is no God? Look at all the beauty around us!

Keep on running all!

})i({ Runnergirl


Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

I'm sure the speed at which money flies out of the wallet will be exacerbated by the opening of a new REI store nearby!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Wow, I’ve only had one flat in four years. Thanks for taking so many for the team! I’ll be seeing your picture in all of the local papers at the rate you’re going, Tri-Geek……..

Doug said...

I see no picture of me :)...

Maybe Lana is color blind and can only see blue :), everyone knows red goes faster :). I heard she had the car repainted to match the new bike :).

Melissa said...

Since you know the "plural of goose is sheep" reference (go Lois!), have you seen the t-shirt? :-)


Melissa said...

Oops! I got so side-tracked by the FG reference that I forgot to wish you good vibes for the Du this weekend. Have a great race! :-)

chia said...

You girls sure know how to have a good time! Good luck at the race!

chia said...

Actually, you're probably racing like right now aren't you :-). **sending good vibes**