May 22, 2008

1 mile TT in da books

"I don't care how fast you run
Just tell me, baby, that when you're done
With your little marathon
You still got cab fare home
Cuz the finish line is a shifty thing
And what is life but reckoning
And, you know
You are still the song i sing
To myself
When i'm alone"

- Ani DiFranco, Reckoning

This song came on my iPod Tuesday night while doing my 30 minute run. I love when you have your iPod on autofill and it picks songs so terribly perfect for the activity. What is funny is that every time I have my shuffle autofill, and haven't listened to it in a while, I sort of question if it is even my iPod.


I completed my scheduled workout - 1 mile Time Trial (TT) plus 1 mile running. I completed the total workout in just over 34 minutes. It comprised of:

  • 20 minutes warm up including 4 acceleration gliders (speedwork), an easy 800 (half mile) warm up jog, 5 minutes walking, 1 minute run 1 minute walk.
  • 1 mile TT in 9:45
  • 5 minute cool down with 1 acceleration glider, and a few minutes of walking with another 800m jog

I did my 1 mile time trial in 9:45. According to Galloway - that means that my half marathon ability as of today if I was trained for it would be 1.2 x 9:45 = 11:42 minute miles. This makes me happy because my goal is to run 11:30 minute miles at the CRIM!

Galloway also says that if you are an established half marathoner (and I think running 12 makes me established) that you can set a goal 20 seconds per mile faster than the equation and you should be able to train for that. That would get me 11:22. I think in 2 weeks when I re-do the TT I should be able to hit a 9:40 mile. That would be an awesome imporvement in speed. Now if I could just keep that up! :) I have my first real speedowrk session this Sunday - 2 x 800.

As much as I have wanted to increase my speed over the past few years I oddly enough have never really incorporated real speedwork - and my fatleks were anything but effort filled.

We live and learn... live and learn.

So we will see. Like I said I am dedicating a full month to the Galloway method - but I am still a little on the fence. Why am I so afraid to walk during the run? I think that it is part of my complex - something that I need to just get over. We will see if I can! If not then at least I gave it a full 4 weeks of my 15 training for the CRIM. In anything I will try to get to a point where I take a walk break every mile for a minute or so. I just need to play around with the ratios on longer runs to see what feels good.

Well off to bed!


Doug said...

Well, walking does not make you a jogger... you are still a racer :).

You are going to turn into a track star with all the speed work. They will yell go and BOOM you are gone.

Ok, I have to go run some cable...

chia said...

One way I got myself into speed workouts is using the music on my iPod dictate duration. 1 song walk, 2 song run comfortable, 1 song bust ass, 2 song run comfortable, 1 song bust ass, 1 song run, 1 song walk. Depending on the songs the shuffle picks up, it's usually a 30ish to 40ish minute workout that is a little more fun for me than keeping an eye on the stopwatch.

Happy swim/bike/running you convert you :-P