May 23, 2008

Tomorrow - the first attempt at a three-sport brick.

Tomorrow morning my gal Sushi is swinging by at 6:30AM and we are throwing her bike on the back of my Taurus and heading out to Lansing where we are going to meet up with a good handfull of people to do a dry run (not so dry afterall) of the Hawk Island Triathlon.

While I am not doing the Hawk Island Tri on 6/1, however I have zero open water swim experience, and zero swimming in my wetsuit experience, as well as zero swim to bike brick experience, so I jumped at the opportunity to go out and work some bugs out.

BUG #1 - Nutrition.

Yeah this has historically been my worst thing ever. I never really got the nutrition thing. I would always take in too few calories (heeeellllooo DNF at my first Marathon!) or take them in too late. I am working on a topping off the tank philosophy. I have three water bottles in the fridge cooling right now.

  • 1 bottle is to keep the water cold for my aero drinking system. In this bottle I will mix in HEED for nutrition.

  • On my bike frame I will carry 1 bottle of water as well. The ride should be about an hour or less, so I can get away with 1 bottle.

  • The third bottle will be HEED for me to take before the workout.

I am also taking two gels. One for before the swim, and one for before the run.

I have, in the freezer, my recovery drink (Recoverite) that way it will be cool, thawed and ready for me to drink after the run.

BUG #2 - Gear AKA Stuff, and lots of it.

Talk about a change from running! I need a lot of stuff for tomorrow, and since this is a dry run of a triathlon, I am wearing the gear I am going to wear in the tri, using the nutrition I plan on using in the tri, and using the products and any misc. items I plan on using during the tri.

  • Wetsuit

  • Zoot tri top

  • Sugoi tri bottoms

  • Asics socks

  • SIDI bike shoes

  • Giant OCR1w bike w/profile bars

  • Aero bottle with HEED

  • 2 gels (run/swim)

  • Bike frame bottle with water

  • Bottle of HEED to consume on the way to event

  • Pearl Izumi Synchroinfinity runinng shoes

  • Pearl Izumi arm warmers for the bike

  • Oakley glasses for the bike and ride

  • Speedo tinted and anti-reflective glasses for the swim

  • Sunscreen (70 SPF)

  • Body Glide for wetsuit, OWS, and bike

  • Towel for after swim

  • Swim cap - thick for cold water

  • Bike gloves - not neccessary but may like them for comfort

  • 2 tubes, 2 CO2 cartridges and CO2 regulator, driver's liscence, state park pass, cell phone, keys, spare helmet, spage goggles and spare swim caps.

  • Long pants to wear over shorts if it is really cold

  • Long sleeve shirt to wear on run if cold

I think that this is all that I need.


OK - so this is going to be fun!

The Tentative Timeline

  • 8AM arrival at Hawk Island State Park
  • 8:30AM potential swim start. If it is too cold to swim safely or comfortably - then a few of us are going to skip the swim. Even with the air temps getting wamer, the water temps are still cold. COLD. Thank goodness I have a wetsuit!
  • 9:00AM transition into bike stuff
  • 9:10AM Head out on bike leg.
  • 9:50AM - 10:00 AM back into transition to change into run stuff. Consume gel.
  • 10:35-10:40AM arrive back into transition. Discuss what went good, what went bad. Note things to take care of in next two weeks.
  • 11:00AM pack up and come home!
  • Noon - ahhh... I am one step close to becoming a triathlete! Relax and get ready for a wonderful and romantic 3 year anniversary celebration with Mike!

Oh yes - While Sunday is actually our 3 year anniversary, we have plans with friends on Sunday night so we are going to celerate alone on Saturday night. You know that it is a big deal if I make steak. :) Champagne anyone?

My goodness... three years with the man I love. I feel blessed, grateful, and absolutely full of happiness being with Mike. He is without a doubt the one for me. (I love you Mike!)

Then Sunday and or Monday me and some FAST people are heading out to Trout Lake for an open water swim or two. More wetsuit and OWS practice!

Monday afternoon my friend Stacy may come on over and we will head back to the lake for some sunning and some funning! Then Mike and I will make her some martinis and we can be living the high life in F-ton Hizzy!

So here is to a wonderfully full, but fully wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Be safe out there everyone! And keep on running! And biking! And swimming!!!!!


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